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⭐La soirée idéale : lucha, tacos et bière⭐
Mexico’s #1 LUCHA LIBRE EXPERIENCE! You will have a tasty and fun night that you can only experience in Mexico City with local friends. We will start by tasting mouthwatering tacos in one of our favorites taquerias, then we will go have some beer and mezcal or pulque—milky liquor made from the sap of the maguey plant. While we wash down the tacos, we will introduce you to the history and nuances of lucha libre—professional Mexican wrestling. We'll then head to the arena for a fantastic night of lucha libre! Other things to note Tickets, food, and drinks before the show are included — all you need to do is enjoy. Please contact us if you want a date that isn't available or private experience for a large group
Snorkeling avec des tortues de mer
***GREAT FOR BEGINNERS*** ***If you have a deep fear of water or the ocean it may impact your experience - we are dive instructors not psychologists*** *From arrival to departure, the whole experience can take 2 hours, about 1:15 in the water.* We will begin our adventure with an ocean-side safety briefing while everyone is fitted for their equipment. Once we chat about how to responsibly and passively interact with turtles and other sea life, we will walk down to the beach and hit the water! We will take it nice and slow so you have a few moments to get accustomed to your gear and you feel confident enough to enjoy the underwater world. We can hope to see a variety of tropical fish, a sunken bridge, statues, and hopefully turtles! At the end of the tour we will transfer your videos to you while we enjoy conversation and a drink! So what are you waiting for? Let’s go!
Profitez de la baignade avec des otaries à Callao
10 h00 point de rencontre Calle La Mar 229 (Nakary Restaurant) devant la porte d'entrée du Real Felipe Callao. 30 min pour le contrôle du port. Paiement du droit d'entrée dans la réserve naturelle des îles Guaneras pour adultes 11 pieds. 10 h30Zarpe vers les îles Callao. Au début, nous avons vu l'amarrage des yachts, des guerriers et des commerçants dans la baie de Callao. En chemin, nous avons traversé le sol «El Camotal», en pleine mer. Nous avons traversé l'île de San Lorenzo, avec de riches histoires qui sont arrivées depuis l'époque pré-colombienne. Nous voyons des bateaux en travaux de pêche, diverses colonies d'oiseaux Guaneras et des manchots de Humboldt. 11 h30 Nous sommes arrivés au point le plus éloigné, Isla Palomino, qui abrite une grande colonie de otaries (otaries), où nous pouvons nager librement en combinaison entre eux, grâce à l'absence de prédateurs, c'est un moment inoubliable plein d'émotions. 12 h35 Le trajet retour commence à travers des falaises et des îlots de manière magnifique. Un en-cas est servi avant d'arriver à la jetée. 13h j'arrive à la jetée. Fin de la visite nautique. Autres choses À noter IMPORTANTES POUR ENVOYER DES INFORMATIONS COMPLÈTES lors DE LA RÉSERVATION En espèces, vous payez à l'embarquement 11 Soles les frais de conservation et de protection pour les îles. Téléphone portable pour les informations d'embarquement, deuxième jour +5195761959
Visite guidée des graffitis de la Comuna 13 avec des habitants
What does the tour include? - Local guide in Spanish or English - Delicious Empanadas - Fried platane with mashed up tomato and onion - Mini Sausages - Mango ice cream - Know the story behind many graffiti - Visit the escalators of Comuna 13 - Artistic Shows in Comuna 13 - Visit another neighborhood called Independencia 2 And much more. What will we do? First we will go up the mountain called Independencia 1, wich one is the neightborhood with more graffitis in all Medellín, and we will be explainig you the history behind a lot of graffitis. Then we'll go inside my Grandmother's home (this is when the guide is Jamerson or Jeaneth). We'll try an expecial and typical mango ice cream with salt and lemon wich one is including in the tour, and inside my Grandmother's home I will explain you everything about the painful past of la Comuna 13, and our personal histories like locals of la Comuna 13 as well. Then we will take the escalators that leads to the top of the mountain, and I will show you an amazing viewpoint to see all Medellin City, (here we will try more local food). Then we'll go to Independencia 2 to see more about the second part of the history, explaining about the biggest urban mass grave in a all the world, Present and Transformation of the Comuna 13 as well. After we will go back to the meeting point to do the end of the tour.
⭐Plongée dans les grottes sous-marines
¿Estás list@ para cenotear? Visitaremos 2 cenotes y 1 hacienda (hermoso edificio histórico) en este día de aventura en la jungla maya y probablemente (con suerte) los tendremos solo para nosotros (según la temporada y el día) o al menos no encontraremos una multitud en ellos. (Perfecto para familias, parejas, grupos de amigos y viajeros solos). El primero es un cenote de caverna, con agua azul safiro (no fría) desde donde apreciaremos hasta el fondo del mismo. El segundo cenote es un círculo abierto de forma perfecta con una increíble agua esmeralda rodeado por árboles. Disfruta de las impresionantes vistas de estas formaciones rocosas con millones de años mientras nadas, exploras, flotas, ¡saltas desde casi 10 mts! (solo para los más aventureros) o simplemente te relajas en cada uno de estos cenotes tomando fotos. Permaneceremos de 45 mins a 1 hra (dependiendo de ti) en cada cenote, sin prisas. Por último disfrutarás de una comida regional artesanal hecha a la leña y preparada por la comunidad maya ($200 pesos MXN/ 10 dlls pp no incluida) Otros aspectos destacables -Al reservar esta experiencia apoyas a una comunidad maya -La experiencia incluye la visita guiada a una hacienda -Al final de la experiencia recibirás nuestra lista de los mejores consejos locales para hacer en Mérida EXPERIENCE GUIDED IN ENGLISH & SPANISH ¿No está disponible tu fecha? Contáctanos ;)

Très bien notées pour leur caractère unique

À vélo à la découverte des cénotes : excursion inoubliable
This magical experience starts in our meeting spot in our town Chemuyil, where we will get ready for our adventure. My town is located: -20-25 mins approx. from Tulum (downtown) -35-40 mins approx. from Playa del Carmen (downtown) -2 hrs. approx. from Cancun (downtown) If you don’t have a car, or don’t know how to get to this place, please feel free to contact me to get more recommendations on transportation you can use. This is a LOCAL EXPERIENCE. You will get to know, not only these cenotes that have seen us grow up, but places with a lot of meaning to us. We will ride on our bicycles through our hometown making our way to three different cenotes around our community. Physical wear with the bicycles is minimum. We spend most of the time in the water. Riding the bicycles will be, 20-25 mins(total). Distance from cenote to cenote is 5-10 mins. If you are looking for a fancy activity, something fast, big company tours, this is DEFINITELY NOT FOR YOU. Instead, if you want to experience our hometown, our cenotes, having adventures, talk to us, share stories and making new friends while getting to know about our project, then you have found the perfect experience for you. The experience includes: -3 cenotes -Local guide -Urban type bicycle -Snorkel equipment -Lifejacket(optional) -Fruits & drinking water What's not included?(Optional): -Underwater photos package -Local food
Expérience transformatrice avec un chaman
Melt away stress in this Temazcal experience with a native healer and spiritual guide. The sweat lodge is the setting for a 2,500-year-old ritual that uses a prehispanic technique (Mayan-Zapotec or Aztec, depending of the guide) to illuminate a pathway into your inner self and begin a rebirth of love in your soul. You’ll enjoy freshly brewed herbal tea from a medicinal garden as you drink in teachings of Temazcal history. After applying aloe, salts and herbs to your body, you’ll listen to songs and wise words to calm the mind and breathe vapor from medicinal plants. Other things to note: *The duration of the experience inside the Temazcal may vary for the group or individuals, depending on how each person feels (usually about 1-2 hours). *Because there are sometimes many rituals per week the ritual is performed by different guides: Javier Moctezuma (Mexica descendant), Huitzi (zapotec "Nahual"), Luis Gómez (medicine man), María or myself (medicine women). *Luis Gómez, María Luis Belmonte or myself translate the ritual from spanish to english when its guided by Huitzi or Javier. IMPORTANT: *The shamans have to travel to CDMX for this ritual, the logistics, expenses per person and planning that involve this ritual make it difficult for us to give full refunds when canceling less than 48 hours in advance. In case of covid, airbnb gives full refund.*
Thérapie par les vaches
Our pasture is located in Hl Pepekeeo, about 20 minutes from Hilo. Our Cow Cuddle Therapy starts with a basic safety tutorial, and then we enter the paddock to meet the cows. After a brief introduction we will then: -Pet cows -Hug cows -Lay Down and Cuddle Cows! -Milk the cows -Learn all about cows, their milk, and how they benefit the garden and the environment! (Note: we are a sanctuary for cows we never sell or kill any bovines. We do milk cows, but only the excess milk the calves cant drink. We call this cruelty-free dairy! In the past we have had vegan guests that loved the experience, but also have had upset vegan guests, so this is just a full disclosure!)
Jardins suspendus préhispaniques et gastronomie
Enjoy a perfect day visiting one of the best kept secrets of Xochimilco, an oasis south of Mexico City. Discover with us a magical town immersed with history, culture and traditions: San Gregorio Atlapulco. This town preserves the most beautiful traditions, carnivals and religious celebrations, every day a new marvel to admire. Upon reaching San Gregorio Atlapulco we'll glide through secret canals for the exclusive use of farmers or "chinamperos", who will receive us on their land to take us on a trip to the bowels of one of our most important pre-Hispanic vestiges. Get ready to travel back in time to the ancient Mexico. We’ll explore the “chinampas”, those beautiful floating gardens recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage site on a traditional canoe. I’m addition we’ll try many bites of local amazing food: Tlacoyos, traditional tamales, cocoles with cream, café de olla, atole, pulque, mead and a unexpected mezcal surprise This is not a tour, this is a unique experience that you can only access with us. Every month we have a special traditional party that we’d love to show you - and it’s unique to our tours. Ask for our special Christmas “Posadas” tour. A traditional party we celebrate before Christmas: music, food, dance, masks, and amazing fireworks are part of this once in a lifetime experience! Will you join us?
Découvrez la culture afro-cubaine
Are you a lover of great food? Have you heard of the influence that traditional African spirituality has had on Cuban cuisine? Would you like to learn the special way that we prepare some of these dishes? Yes? Then this is the right experience for you! We will meet you at Beyond Roots Store, our headquarters. From there we will ride together to Guanabacoa, our hometown. Once there, you will learn about the influence of the Afro-Cuban religions in our cuisine while we share a typical beverage. Then, Jose´s mom will show you how to cook in our local style, having the opportunity to understand when, why, and how we prepare each dish. Finally, we will enjoy tasting the different plates that we prepared and, in that moment, when we are laughing and sharing our personal stories under the rhythm of drums, you will realize that the simple act of eating assumes mystical dimensions and has the power to bring strangers together like family. At the end of the day you will know how flavors, music and dance tell the story of the desires and struggles of our African ancestors. This is not about cooking in a professional way, it´s about cooking according to the folklore of a modest community.

À vivre au moins une fois dans votre vie

Tubing souterrain et tyrolienne
(PLEASE: ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST BE IN GOOD/EXCELLENT SHAPE FOR THIS EXCURSION AND NOT AFRAID OF HEIGHTS OR BEING DEEP WATERS) Max weight 230. In this Adventure you will visit the Tanama river in the Arecibo area. It starts with a hike down a muddy, slippery and rocky trail to the river(1.5 miles of hard hiking). We will arrive to the top of a cave and do a 250 ft long zipline that will take your breath away with the view. Here is where most participants rest a while for the next activity. When we are all set we will hike upstream to a huge cave and then jumped into the refreshing water. We will enter the caves and we will see some amazing water curtains and springs. At the exit of the second cave we do a small stop and you will have the option of submerging into the water to visit a secret cave. Tour isn’t over yet. Now the guides will show you the best tricks to do the white water tubing. While you are in the white water tubing you will pass some rapids and also some amazing canons all the way until you get to the third and last cave. At the exit of this cave you will do a small climb and the hike back to the cars. Duration 4-6 hours. Other things to note Don't let the beautiful sights fool you. This adventure is for real adventure and nature lover only. Please do NOT daydream. If you are not sure that you don't qualify you probably don't.
Raíces Afro Cubanas
Are you interested in learning about the legacy of our Africans ancestor in the Cuban Culture? Are you ready to witness its influence in the daily life of the Cuban people? Then this experience is a MUST for you! We will meet at Beyond Roots headquarter in Old Havana to share a cup of coffee and get to know each other. Then we´ll travel to the town of Guanabacoa, the cradle of Afro-Cuban culture in Havana. Once there we´ll have a firsthand contact with the Cuban life and our practices by meeting a “Babalawo”--the highest priest of Santeria. He will cleanse us at his altar and explain us about the main Afro-Cuban Religions and how he looks into people’s future and gives advices . We´ll enjoy typical Afro-Cuban food and relax under the shadow of a sacred Ceiba tree listening to emblematic music played by members of the community and enjoy a dance performance while we taste a cup of Aguardiente, the beverage used in all Afro-Cuban religious practices. After that we´ll go back to Beyond Roots store, the first and only Afro style shop in Cuba, having the opportunity to visit an space dedicated to highlighting the Afro identity in the island. You will come as a guest but you will leave being part of the community. Note: You can stay for a reading with the babalawo and have the perfect opportunity to take a closer look in to your future. It has an additional cost.
Balade dans la nature avec alpagas et lamas
Este espectacular caminata con llamas y alpacas comienza en Chinchero, pueblo ubicado a 40 km de ciudad de Cusco, un viaje por carretera de 1 hora  donde nuestro equipo nos espera con llamas y alpacas Nuestra caminata será de 4 a5 horas  el cual es único donde los visitantes pueden experimentar la cultura y su pasado. En el camino podrá disfrutar,hermosos paisajes del valle sagrado, , terrazas de producción agropecuaria ,montañas , glaciares y una  hermosa laguna de agua cristalina mucho más, llegando a la comunidad indígena  donde empezaremos a caminar en el trayecto veremos ,  pastores con ovejas  En el pasado los viajeros solían caminar con llamas para poder llegar a los valles de Cusco, Puno , Arequipa , pasando en el trayecto por 4300m. Cada tramo les solía tomar entre 7 – 10 días, los viajeros llevaron consigo lana de alpaca entre otros para poder cambiar (trueque) con frutas y maíz. El propósito de esta caminata con llamas es demostrar como fueron los viajes con llamas muchos años atrás  También en el trayecto de nuestra caminata tendremos un delicioso Picnic con ingredientes orgánicos de la zona  después continuamos con nuestra caminata  que nos llevara al parque arqueológico de Chinchero  y al final visitaremos el centro textil de Margoth - El Transporte No está incluido - TE RECOMIENDO PASAR LA NOCHE EN NUESTRO CAMPAMENTO EN CABAÑAS DE LUJO ( EXTRA )
Journée d'aventure à Tanamá
As soon as you arrive, you will be provided with safety equipment required for the adventure. We will hike through the forest for about an hour and a half observing parts of the Second biggest radio telescope in the world, the Arecibo Observatory, between limestone formations and a unique forest. The hike requires good physical condition. After the trail, we will reach the river full of limestone formations and springs & small waterfalls.Then we hike next to the river giving you the opportunity to relax floating down stream passing natural limestone formations. A new trail will be followed--observing natural sinkholes and other limestone formations. This experience will be unique since you will be far from the beaten path & in full contact with nature. The hike guides you through ancient Taino paths that used to connect the ocean and the mountains. The trekking takes over in the Tanama River in a remote private access giving you the experience that most travelers search when they want an authentic adventure. The view of the Tanama river while you hike through this amazing place will make unforgettable memories.The adventure will be interpreted and a guide we will be with you the entire time. We will also immortalize memories for free with cameras and guide you through the best hike in the island. Other things to note This adventure is physically challenging. It takes 6 to 7 hours, all things you bring to the adventure will get wet, and for safety reasons if your are allergic to anything or have any medical conditions that require medication, you must bring the medication with you. You need shoes with good grip.
Nagez avec les requins, avec Island View Hawaï
SWIM WITH SHARKS aboard the Mo'o with the original shark boat crew. Enjoy a once in a lifetime experience as you swim freely in the deep blue ocean with sharks and other pelagic creatures. The cage-free excursion will allow you to see how sharks behave in their natural state and dispel many misconceptions about these beautiful creatures. Don't worry! This is a completely safe experience. A safety diver will escort you into the water where you will be able to safely watch as well as interact with sharks, dolphins, whales and other pelagic creatures. With nearly 40 species of sharks in the waters around the Hawaiian Islands, you'll gain a deeper understanding of the ocean and its inhabitants - disposing of the irrational fears of sharks and other ocean creatures. We pride ourselves on providing a comfortable experience with a small group of passengers (up to 5 people) to maximize water time in a secluded environment. As we enjoy our time amongst different species of sea life, our goal is to remain safe, respectful, and calm. Other things to note Get a good night's rest before your adventure! Leave behind any preconceived notions about sharks and experience this adventure with an open mind.

Americas : toutes les activités à proximité

Jet-ski à deux à Paradise Island (1 h 30)
"READ THE FULL DESCRIPTION BEFORE BOOKING" Welcome to Paradise! You will have the opportunity to have your own Jet-Ski for ONE FULL HOUR & explore the Bay & its amazing surroundings,The Island has a 360 view from Miami City Downtown,Miami Beach,Celebrity Super Star Island. A world's known Island that host people from all around the world hosting boat parties & Celebrities such as Tyga,Nicky Minaj,Justin Bieber & Maluma himself partying on their Luxury Yachts all year around! Be ready to be surrounded by energetic people practicing different water sports activities,OHH & do not be surprised to encounter friendly Dolphins greeting you through your experience! *ADVISORY* This is an EXPERIENCE FOR COUPLES only #1-You pay $35 per person through AirBnB. #2- Each Jet-Ski has 2 seats so you have to book 2 seats. #3- Once you arrive each person pays the Remaining $50 to your designated Instructor that is in charge of your safety and transportation. #4- Your Total amount comes to $170 for the full Jet-Ski Experience rental price for the 2 of you combined. #5- You will GET ONE JET-SKI with 2 seats for the 2 of you. #6- If you are a SOLO RIDER or want to get your own Jet-Ski send us a direct msg to send you the AirBnB listing link. -15 minute Jet-Ski Tour to Paradise Island -1 hour Jet-Ski rental on your own -15 minute Jet-Ski Tour back to the ramp ( 25 Jet-Skis Available )
Kayak à La Jolla (grottes et réserve marines)
If you do not want to check-in inside the shop for COVID concerns, message me for outside check-in. La Jolla Bay is a Marine Protected Area that is home to a thriving ecosystem that boasts a high concentration of sea life, has a natural boat launch, which allows safe ocean entry year round, and is famous for its Sea Caves and Marine Reserve. No experience is required. Great for all skill levels. Your guide will kick things off with a paddle tutorial on the beach. If surf exists we will help push your kayak through any breakers. As we paddle through La Jolla’s Marine Reserve keep an eye out for Seals, Sea Lions, Sea Turtles, Pelicans, Dolphin and Gray whales in the fall/winter. Note: We cannot guarantee sea life. If conditions are safe we will help guide your kayak into Emerald Cave. If it's not safe to enter Emerald Cave, we will still paddle out & explore La Jolla's World Famous Marine Reserve. Note: if not safe we WILL NOT enter the Emerald Cave, we don't cancel if the cave isn't safe and spend about a minute inside. La Jolla Bay is an Uncontrollable Environment. Please come enjoy this place we love knowing each day is different than the last. La Jolla is a popular place to kayak, SUP and surf year long. Satisfaction Guarantee. Do not feel this was a 5 star trip, message me.
Forêt tropicale d'El Yunque avec transport et repas local
Live a true El Yunque rainforest experience with a local with adventure and local food for those foodies and adventure fans. TRANSPORTATION INCLUDED. Venture on a journey full of history to learn about different natural gems. We drive to East side of El Yunque Rainforest, once we arrive enjoy a 20 to 30 minute hike to the first mineral water and watering hole. There you can enjoy the landscape, swim in the water, and scenic waterfalls. Further up after a 15 minute hike, there is another watering hole with a natural rock slide. Learn of the history of the rainforest, iguanas, guava trees, bamboos and 300 year old trees. This is an adventure good for those looking to enjoy nature and an unique rainforest experience. This experience is a very authentic puertorrican tour that offers unique and secret gems of the rainforest. We end the trip by stopping for lunch at a local small family owned restaurant that serves authentic grandma style food (Food not included in price).The hikes for these outdoor wonders require regular shoes that can get wet and muddy. Safety is my priority and we will have a fun adventure to show you the true essence of Puerto Rico. Adventure, waterfalls and local food for a perfect day tour in Puerto Rico. Good physical condition required. Bring change of clothes, towels, water and snacks for a full day of fun, adventure and beautiful new experiences.
Partiremos de Lima a las 5 am aproximadamente. Nuestro primer punto será la Reserva Nacional de Paracas, "Islas Ballestas". En este punto comenzará nuestra aventura para dar un paseo de 2 horas por el mar donde observaremos lobos marinos, nuestros amigos estarán muy cerca para que podamos sacar sus mejores ángulos en las fotos. En la reserva también veremos familias de pingüinos, delfines, aves guaneras, pelícanos, otros animalitos que viven allí y la famosa figura del Candelabro. Luego de disfrutar en Paracas nos iremos a la ciudad de Ica donde se encuentran los viñedos más antiguos del Perú y podremos degustar nuestra bebida nacional "El Pisco". Aquí probaremos diferentes sabores de piscos, vinos y sus derivados. El almuerzo lo tendremos en este mismo lugar que cuenta con restaurantes típicos de muy buena calidad. Ya descansando luego nos iremos un poquito más al sur al famoso "Oasis de la Huacachina" que se encuentra dentro de un muy caluroso desierto. Viviremos una experiencia con mucha adrenalina practicando junto a instructores expertos los deportes de Buggies y Sandboard por las dunas. Terminaremos la experiencia paseando alrededor del oasis y tomando fotos increíbles. Otros aspectos destacables: El tour es grupal, enviarnos número de teléfono y dirección de su hospedaje, para coordinar y pueda disfrutar al máximo su viaje.
Vivez la passion du football
*****CONSULTAR ANTES DE RESERVAR**** ¡ATENCIÓN! POR CUESTIÓN DE SEGURIDAD E HIGIENE, ANTES DE RESERVAR, LAS PERSONAS TIENEN QUE ENVIAR UNA FOTO DE SU PASAPORTE CON LA FECHA DE LLEGADA AL PAIS. Nos encontraremos en Palermo o San Telmo, según cada partido. De allí iremos en mi auto al estadio mientras te contaré la historia y particularidades de los equipos que juegan. Conoceremos los alrededores de la cancha, compartiremos experiencias con los hinchas del club en los alrededores del sitio. Si es de tu interés podemos visitar una galería o tienda donde venden indumentaria del club local. Luego, concurriremos al partido de fútbol . Ademas de ver el espectáculo deportivo, viviremos la verdadera pasión de la gente en cada uno de los partidos. Verdaderamente el evento se transformará en algo mágico. Veremos la locura de los hinchas en primera fila y compartiremos la adrenalina y felicidad con ellos. Será Una experiencia llena de calor, música y color que todo amante del fútbol debe experimentar para enamorarse de la pasión del futbol argentino. Al finalizar te llevaré de vuelta al punto de encuentro. Otros aspectos destacables No te puedes ir de Argentina sin vivir el fútbol en este país. Mucha pasión, alegría y adrenalina como en ningún otro lugar del mundo
⭐La soirée idéale : lucha, tacos et bière⭐
Mexico’s #1 LUCHA LIBRE EXPERIENCE! You will have a tasty and fun night that you can only experience in Mexico City with local friends. We will start by tasting mouthwatering tacos in one of our favorites taquerias, then we will go have some beer and mezcal or pulque—milky liquor made from the sap of the maguey plant. While we wash down the tacos, we will introduce you to the history and nuances of lucha libre—professional Mexican wrestling. We'll then head to the arena for a fantastic night of lucha libre! Other things to note Tickets, food, and drinks before the show are included — all you need to do is enjoy. Please contact us if you want a date that isn't available or private experience for a large group
Vuela en Globo sobre Teotihuacan, tierra de Dioses
*5STAR experience* Please read full description before booking Send inbox even if you dont see availability 16 US charge is to make the reservation only(see costbreakdown below) Flight cost and port taxes are paid the same day of the activity at port, since we depend on the weather conditions(124US per user cash only) Pickup & Dropoff at your hotel or airbnb(5:00 AM)flexible dropoff, Usually 11:30 AM(Transportation fee 20 US per user) SCHEDULE: 1.-WAKE UP! 5:00 AM Hotel pickup 55 min drive to Balloon Port "Bundle up, the area is very cold”. 2.-BALLOON SETUP & PHOTOS! Arrival at the take-off area includes (coffee and pastries) great photo shooting session with country flags & mexican sombreros. 3.-THE SKY IS THE LIMIT! We start our flight at dawn (Duration 40- 50min) Sunrise Schedule only 4.-DO YOU LIKE IT? We give you a personalized FLIGHT certificate 5.-SPARKLING WINE GLASS! Celebration once in a life time experience. 6.-FREE TIME TO EXPLORE RUINS! On your own not guided, you can access the ruins (5 US per user not included). ** NO tourist traps(we avoid shops) ** Times are approximate, depend on weather conditions. ** 2 USD per kg EXTRA if the participant (individual) exceeds weight limit of 100+ kg. (not combine weights) ** Basquet sides are for 8, 12, 16 or 20 passenger *** very limited space with almost no movility (25 years experience licenced certified)
Excursion en voilier à Bacalar
Te esperaremos en el Muelle de La Casa Arabe. El capitán se presentará con el grupo y dará la información e instrucciones necesarias para disfrutar al máximo la experiencia. Abordaremos uno de nuestros 2 veleros Oliverio ó Ixchel. ¡Comienza la aventura! Iniciaremos nuestro recorrido navegando por el Cenote Esmeralda, y continuaremos en dirección al santuario de Estromatolitos, quienes representan la forma de vida más antigua en la tierra. Nuestra siguiente parada será el Hotel Abandonado. Aquí tendrán tiempo suficiente para descender y nadar en el área permitida. ¡Hora de un delicioso snack de frutas! Nos encanta consentirlos. Es por eso que el capitán los esperará en la embarcación con una bandeja llena de las mejores frutas de estación. Continuamos viaje para llegar al último sitio antes de regresar al muelle. Playa sur ó Isla de los pájaros, donde nadar en agua cálida y cristalina, te harán amar Bacalar por siempre. Duración: 3 horas
Epoustouflant Tour en Bateau de nuit/Jour
La visite comprend 1 heure et demie de visite nocturne: C'est une expérience unique et inoubliable car les clients ne peuvent en faire l'expérience que sur un bateau de nuit. Je parle anglais, français et espagnol. Tout au long de la croisière, les clients disposeront de suffisamment de temps pour prendre des photos, poser des questions et s'hydrater. (Les sodas et l'eau sont gratuits) Une fois que tout le monde sera en sécurité et à l'aise, nous traverserons l'île étoilée où se trouvent toutes les maisons des riches et des célèbres (rangée du millionnaire) L’expérience de la visite nocturne est unique car il n’ya pas de transit d’autres charters pendant cette période. La nuit, l’eau est très calme et donne l’impression que nous sommes en train de flotter dans l’eau. Nous passerons ensuite au centre-ville pour admirer la ligne d'horizon de nuit. C'est l'un des plus beaux horizons des États-Unis. Nous verrons les immeubles de grande hauteur dans toute la baie. Je m'arrêterai sur un point stratégique afin que les clients puissent se faire prendre en photo. Après avoir bordé la baie, nous nous dirigerons vers la rivière Miami. Cela nous mènera à Brickell, également connu comme le quartier financier glamour de Miami. Après notre immersion dans Brickell, nous nous dirigerons vers Overtown où nous percevrons le contraste entre ces deux quartiers.Vous pourrez voir la vie nocturne de Miami avec différents restaurants / bars le long de la rivière avec de la musique live retournerons à la marina par un autre itinéraire. Pas de toilette a bo Autres remarques Soyez à l'heure ou 15 minutes avant l'heure de départ. Apportez un pull léger. L'alcool doux est autorisé. Les bébés de moins de 36 mois ne sont pas autorisés sur le bateau. Apportez votre carte d’identité avec vous et votre bon Airbnb. Le temps est imprévisible à Miami, vous ne devez donc pas compter à 100% sur les applications météo. Serviettes fournies. Le Tips/Pour boire du guide capitaine n'est pas inclue, il est de coutume de laisser $10 par personne
Observacion de estrellas y nado con la Bioluminiscencia
El itinerario a seguir es recoger a nuestros invitados en su hotel para llevarlos al punto de encuentro e inicio, una vez que estemos reunidos remaremos suavemente a lo largo de la costa, escapando de cualquier rastro de contaminación lumínica, lenta y sutilmente comenzaremos a divisar entre los cielos y el mar este increíble espectáculo que apenas esta por comenzar, la idea es que tras remar suavemente por 20 minutos podramos alcanzar los bancos de arena, debido a que en este punto ya hay una mayor oscuridad nuestros ojos empezaran a adaptarse a este entorno y acto seguido seremos sorprendidos por el brillo de color azul neon de parte de la bioluminiscencia, pero no solo eso sino que sera posible alzar la mirada y presenciar la boveda de astros celestes. Planetas, constelaciones, parte de la via lactea y estrellas fugaces podrian quitarnos el aliento en un Holbox de noche. Tras vivir tal experiencia regresaremos remando con una perspectiva diferente de los cielos y el entorno que nos rodea al mismo punto de partida y regresaremos al centro para asi terminar. Algunos cambios y otros efectos que no podemos manejar son presentes, como la luna, el cambio de temperaturas, etc. Siempre es bueno consultar previo a la reserva.
Tulum vue du ciel depuis la tour de Tulum
Hello !! Ready to live this amazing experience? First, you will arrive at our bar where you will check in with us. You should arrive at least 30 minutes before the experience, so you will have enough time to order the drinks and food that will accompany you to the top of our beautiful tower. Please keep in mind that it is not allowed to bring in drinks or food from outside. Keep your personal belongings in the lockers, and get your camera and phone ready because we have wifi, in case you want to broadcast live. When all the guests are ready, we will go to our gondola where 16 people at a time will live this exciting moment. We will go up to 118 feet high, very smoothly. The duration of this experience is 30 minutes, during which you will be able to sing along with our karaoke and listen to your favorite melodies surrounded by this great show in the middle of the Mayan jungle of Tulum. Our tower is located very close to the archaeological zone of Tulum, from here you will be able to take the best pictures of the sea and the ancient Mayan constructions. When it is time to go down our hostess will indicate it and then we will gently descend until we touch the ground. Finally, we can show you all the pictures we took and if you wish the fun can continue in our Bar.
Kayak jusqu'au centre-ville avec 1,5 million de chauves-souris !
JULY 4TH - Bats + Fireworks! Welcome to Austin's #1 booked tour! I can say with confidence this is the best group on the water. The bats are the best I've ever seen them right now! Dont miss this. Let's meet up for an epic night of kayaking. It's 4 incredible trips in one. 1st you paddle the length of downtown during the day, then we catch the sunset over the water. The bats are the main event and we end with downtown paddle at night! Add in a full moon or bright stars occasionally and this trip is one not to miss! If trip is sold out, ask if I can fit you in. Book through me because: I'm a traveler and Airbnb host as well so I know what you want out of the trip. On top of bat facts, i'll give you more freedom to kayak, make sure to take great photos of you on the tour, and make sure you meet other like minded travelers in the group who can share their tips or even join you for a night out afterwards. I've got good travel stories for days and lots of local insight to help you build out the best plan for the rest of your stay. Bad weather = full refund. You won't find a guide who tries harder to make sure you have the best night possible. You'll also be given high quality photos at the end of your trip! Need one more reason to book? My auto reply to your booking confirmation comes with my custom "Must do" in Austin link to help you plan the rest of your tri
Sur la route de la tequila (avec mariachis)
If you're looking for Mariachi, Tequila and friends you've come to the right place Our journey start at 9:30 in our private transportation, the groups are small to give you a personalized Tequila experience with local experts Discover Tequila Selecto, one of the oldest family run distilleries since 1942 with both artisanal and industrial productions, learn and taste its differences Submerge yourself first hand from the agave fields to our aging cava and we’ll guide you through a tasting with unlimited blanco reposado and añejos Tequila In tequila the Marichi will welcome us, there'll be free time for lunch and recommendations of the best food in town and you can keep drinking, visit Jose Cuervo among other locations on your own Try the famous Cantaritos el Güero #1 Known for their jug sizes up to 21 LITERS! It’s a typical and refreshing drink from jalisco Keep in mind: If there's no availability or you have a special date let me know and I will gladly reach an agreement We can start from Tequila or Guadalajara, accommodate to your needs and special occasions Transportation is included Marichi is only Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays
Coucher de soleil à Los Cabos en fin de croisière
Time to have lots of fun and experience a spectacular sunset against the iconic Arch of Cabo along the stunning coastline. One-of-a-kind shared sunset party cruise offering you a 2-hour experience with an open full bar, delicious cocktails including delicious margaritas, cocktails, beer, and snacks along with music and unforgettable professional pictures for you to buy (optional) cell phones and cameras are allowed to take your own
Balade en bateau et cascade Quimixto
Join me on one of the most beautiful and exciting Experiences in Puerto Vallarta, and create some of the highlights of your Vacation. 1. From our meeting point we will take a public bus ride going south for about 25 min. Just like the locals do. 2. Once we get to ‘Boca de Tomatlán, a fisherman town surrounded by mountains. We’ll be taking the Water Taxi to our destination, Quimixto Town. 3. You’ll be able to lay back and enjoy one of the best rides of the bay. The boat, rides close to the shore, so you’ll be able to see most of the exotic southern beaches, while looking at the entire mountain. 4. Once in town, our first spot will be the famous waterfall 30 min from the heart of the town. With a height of about 31 mt/100 ft. (The trail can be done by Mule for extra 300 pesos) 5. Walking along the rustic/ranchero style town. We’ll discover the authenticity of this place, with its cobblestone streets, and colorful houses full of vegetation. 6. Once on the waterfall, we’ll get to swim on the refreshing pool along with the fish, have a snack and take some rest. 7. We'll visit the other part of town and go towards the Beach. 8. After we eat delicious seafood (optional) and relax on the beach. We’ll take the boat ride back, and then bus to Vallarta.