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Visites touristiques et monuments à Østerbro

Musées d'histoire

History Museum
“Great eatery in an old beautiful post office. They have great brunch and breakfast as well as nice simple dinner. Open: mon-tues 11-18 wed-fri: 11-21 Sat-Sun 10-16”
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Points de vue pittoresques

Outdoor Gym
“On top of the parking house in Nordhavn you will find "Konditaget" loosely translated to "the roof for physical activities". People come here to play and work out while enjoying the terrific view of the sea and the roof tops of Copenhagen. A cool feature is the round trampolines with a view to the bottom of the parking house! Don't worry, it's safe. Another gimmick is climbing to the top if the spiral for an even greater view. You can take the stairs or the elevator to the 8th floor.”
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“From The Little Mermaid, you can stroll along Langelinje and look at the big cruise ships, get an ice cream at the end of the pier, and shop in the outlets. ”
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Sites historiques

Monuments/Sites célèbres
“One of our most famous tourist attractions is the 1.25 meters tall sculpture of The Little Mermaid at Langelinie Pier. When looking at her, if can seem strange why such a small sculpture is important for us. The sculpture from 1913 is based on the fairy tale of the famous Danish writer, Hans Christian Andersen (HCA) and the sculpture of The Little Mermaid was made by Edvard Eriksen after the Danish brewer Carl Jacobsen (founder of Carlsberg Beer) fell in love with the mermaid character in a ballet based on HCA’s story. The Little Mermaid statue is free to access, and it is a nice walk from Østerport Station to Langelinie (Langeliniekaj 2, 2100 København). If you use the boardwalk (Bryggebroen) to Dybbølsbro Station, you have 4 stops on the S-Train to Østerport. Or you can hop on a canal cruise as most of them sail by The Little Mermaid.”
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Monuments/Sites célèbres
“The statue from H.C. Andersen fairytales sits by the border of the sea. You might run into large japanese groups with cameras and then she can be hard to spot - she is actually not that big!”
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“You need to have a Danish social insurance card to take home material, but everyone can use it free of charge. Plenty of material in English. Computers with games on in the kids area, toys, speakers, events... ”
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“Hvis du vil have ro til at arbejde uden for hjemmet, kan jeg anbefale én af læsesalene her. Især den store, som man finder på venstre hånd, når man kommer op ad trappen. Gratis internet. Cafeteria. ”
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College Science Building
“If you like science: Niels Bohr used to live here. Now it is the university of physics”
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