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Que faire à Barcelone?

Découvrez la ville à travers les yeux d'un habitant. Trouvez les meilleures activités, les meilleures tables et obtenez des conseils inestimables des habitants de la place.

“What i like most about this must-see in Barcelona is the exhibition they have in the underground of the cathedral with the models Gaudí created to build it During the summer is necessary to book it in advance if you want to go in, if not it would be almost impossible to get a ticket for the day”
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“most famous building in Barcelona. If you think about entering buy your tickets at least the day before online. That will help to avoid queuing for hours. ”
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Point of Interest
“Popular market. It was designed by Fermin Väzquez and is without doubt one of the most impressive modern market buildings in Europe. You can find a mixture of junk shop, antiques fair, jumble sale and old school market all rolled into one, econd hand books, ornaments, cameras, furniture and clothes, there are also stalls selling new clothes, furniture, decorative items, toois, hardware and electronics. ”
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“It is situated at the confluence of the Gran Via and Marina Street in the district Eixample. This place was the last bullfighting arena in commercial operation in Catalonia. It is one of the larger public arenas in Barcelona and is now used for events such as concerts.”
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Bus Station
“One of the main bus stations to visit Catalonia, Spain and even international.”
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Restaurant de fruits de mer
“It’s a family run business with a few restaurants around the city. I advise the ones in Sagrada Familia, Born or Parallel. They offer exquisite seafood at a reasonable price thanks to their innovative concept of seafood restaurant. You choose from a wide variety of fresh fish and seafood directly from their seafood stall. The kitchen staff will then let you know when the order is ready to be collected. My favorite dish is the fried squid with lemon to be squeezed on it.”
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Pub irlandais
“When going to the Sagrada, or the Sant Pau Hospital, this typical Irish Pub is a great stopping point for food or drink. The only dish I have ever had here (since it is so good) is the Fish and Chips! The staff speak English (if you prefer) and you can enjoy a draft, a cider or even a snakebite with your grub. ”
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“Gaudí Avenue connects the Hospital Sant Pau with Sagrada Familia. It's a charming pedestrian area with plenty of restaurants.”
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Restaurant de déjeuners
“Healthy breakfasts, complete, tasty and all with very good looks. Natural juices also very complete”
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Medical Center
“This is Barcelona’s first library, opened in 1895 after the death of journalist and Freemason Rossend Arús, who donated his house and collection. Today it’s a research center that works on social movements. The library looks like a museum, and is accessed through an impressive staircase. There’s a replica of the Statue of Liberty at the entrance. The building was constantly on watch during the Franco regime due to its connection with the Freemason world. Rumor has it that the library has several secret doors leading out of the building.”
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“It is a museum in Barcelona that houses a collection of musical instruments from around the world as well as biographical documents, from ancient civilisations to new technologies from the 21st century. It is situated on the 2nd floor of the l'Auditori de Barcelona ”
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Salle de concert
“Contemporary music venue with 3 state-of-the-art auditoriums, home to the city's symphony orchestra.”
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“In front of Sagrada Familia, you will find the Park of Plaza Gaudi which is a public square where you can enjoy a sunny place. Its amazing garden is the art's work of the architect and landscaper Nicolau Rubio y Tuduri and is very famous in Barcelona.”
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“The Teatre Nacional de Catalunya (TNC), is one of the most important cultural institutions in Catalonia. Opened in 1996, was entrusted to the architect Ricardo Bofill in 1988.”
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“El Teatre Nacional de Catalunya (TNC) es uno de los teatros más importantes de Catalunya. Fue inaugurado en 1996. El edificio del Teatro, está situado en la plaza de les Arts, cerca de la plaza de les Glòries y tiene tres salas de exhibición. Fue diseñado por el prestigioso arquitecto catalán Ricardo Bofill.El Teatre Nacional de Catalunya ocupa una superficie de 20.000 m2 y está cubierto por un techo a dos aguas que se apoya sobre 26 columnas de 12 metros de altura.. El exterior de cristal permite ver desde la calle los espacios interiores climatizados y con vegetación interior. ”
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“ The construction of this holy church started on March 19, 1882 and will be officially delivered in 2026 according to the latest data. It is impressive. but especially the interior is spectacular. Because this Holy Church of Gaudi attracts more than 3 million visitors a year, it is almost a must to order "skip the line" tickets before visiting the Sagrada Família. You save disappointments and waiting time.”
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