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Choses à faire à Dongdaemun Market 

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Des sites touristiques aux trésors cachés, découvrez ce qui rend la ville unique avec l'aide des gens du coin qui la connaissent le mieux.
Aire de restauration
“It's on the 5floor for BTS Coffeeshop. and Jimin visited the converce shop. ”
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“Dong Dea Mun Shopping District. Fashion Shopping malls, cheap prices, you can shop at midnight”
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Street Address
“One of the biggest market in Seoul. Traditional market and modern shopping mall coexist. Famous for night market ”
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“The Duta Duty Free Shop is a popular destination for Korean lifestyle shopping at Dongdaemun, representing the Korean Wave Shopping Center in South Korea! On the 365th day of the year, the lively and passionate daylight is full of shopping at the Dongdaemun Duta Duty Free Shop in Seoul. The Duta Duty Free Shop is the first duty-free shop in Seoul that is open to the night in Korea. Enjoy one-stop shopping in a stylish and sophisticated shopping space. The Duta Duty Free Shop contains more than 600 cosmetics, jewellery, watches, fashion, lifestyle related brands, as well as a unique selection of stores and K Matt, which has a variety of must-have items. Providing unprecedented late-night shopping benefits for free-spirited travelers and late-night parties, and the unique activities and services of Dota's unique fashion towers bring you unimaginable shopping fun. 都塔免税店是代表韩国的韩流购物中心,为东大门的时尚生活再添活力的热门地点!1年365日,活力奔放的白日和热情四溢的因夜晚在首尔地标东大门都塔免税店尽享购物乐趣吧! 都塔免税店是韩国首家营业至深夜的首尔市内免税店。在时尚精致的购物空间,可以享受一站式购物。都塔免税店包含600多个化妆品、珠宝、腕表、时装、生活相关品牌,还有别具一格的精选店及完备各种必备单品的K马特。为自由个性的旅行者与深夜党提供前所未有的深夜购物福利,以都塔特有的时尚都塔的活动与服务给您带来超乎想象的购物乐趣。”
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Bus Station
“Former mayor and president Lee Myung-bak restored this old stream through the center of Seoul. Now it's a pleasant path that leads all the way to the symbolic center of the capital in Gwanghwamun.”
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“Delicious bakery near ZIKM. The bakery is located in the basement floor of Marriott Dongdaemun Square Hotel. It is near Exit 9 of Dongdaemun Station.”
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“중구 장충단로 253 4호선 동대문역 8번 출구 도보 5분 4호선 동대문역사공원역 1-14번 출구 대한민국 패션의 중심지 동대문은 의류, 원단 시장과 다수의 쇼핑몰이 밀집해 잇다, 원단과 의류 부자재를 판매하는 동대문종합시장과 야외무대애서 벌어지는 풍성한 이밴트가 즐거움을 주는 두타, 최신 유행 아이템을 저렴한 가격에 즐길 수 있는 밀레오레, 도소매상인들이 몰려드는 동대문 새벽시장의 우너조 제일평화시장 등은 동대문패션타운의 명소들로 언제나 국내외 쇼핑족들로 북적인다. 유명 브랜드들의 카피제품이나 국내 디자이너들의 아이템을 싼 가격에 만날 수 있는 것도 동대문만의 장점이다. ”
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