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Santé et bien-être à Downtown Eastside, Vancouver


“Yes, people have probably had sex here... But steam kills everything and this local establishment is a worthwhile investment in healing a sore body.”
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Salles de sport

“They offer a free class on Saturdays at noon. Be sure to book the free class online on their website. If you're interested in attending another day, they offer a first-time drop-in CrossFit class for $5, a one-time drop in for $25 and an unlimited one-week pass for $100”
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Sporting Goods Shop
“Lululemon Lab sells unique, one-of-kind pieces that aren't in all the other Lulu stores. This place is AMAZING!”
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Studio de yoga
“Awesome yoga studio owned by a Strathcona local. Great classes and amenities. ”
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“Boxing enthusiasts only. Who else would want to hang out in a boxing ring??”
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