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Restaurants et nourriture à Halawa

Meilleurs restaurants

Restaurant japonais
“BEST garlic-ky chicken (Tasty Chicken) and/or any entree on the menu. The desserts are to die for. Wait is awhile, though, because they are so popular.”
  • 7 personnes du coin recommandent
  • 2 personnes du coin recommandent
Restaurant américain
“American & Hawaiian eats along with a full bar, frequent live music & a waterfront deck. Happy Hours. ”
  • 2 personnes du coin recommandent
Crème glacée
  • 2 personnes du coin recommandent
Restaurant de cuisine méridionale/afro-américaine
“The place is super fun with southern inspired dishes. If you go, we recommend someone order the 'Screaming Mai Tai' and listen for the sound of your drink! You won't regret it. Also, be sure to try the cheesy cornbread. Also, a local favorite. ”
  • 2 personnes du coin recommandent
“You must try at least one of these plate lunches before you leave! A big portion that is delicious and worth every penny.”
  • 3 personnes du coin recommandent
Restaurant coréen
“Visit our nearest all you can eat korean bbq place, where you can byob and cook your own food! They also have food already prepared on the side for you to eat while you cook!”
  • 2 personnes du coin recommandent


Grocery or Supermarket
“You will be the only tourist in here but enjoy it. This is a slice of Hawaii no tourist sees and I love being a part of.”
  • 2 personnes du coin recommandent
“You can purchase a selected few of their products at the grocery stores but if you want really good cornbread, yummy sweetbread and different varieties of their baked goods, check out their bakery. So much to choose from, you'll want to go again before you head home.”
  • 1 personne du coin recommande