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Les meilleures recommandations de parcs par les gens du coin

“It is a it is a magnificent national park the the only one in Istria. I would say it is a must see in our region!”
  • 156 personnes du coin recommandent
“island National park Briuni, has old fortress of ex president Tito with many animals and parrots that can talk. There are boat tours daily ,12 km from app”
  • 48 personnes du coin recommandent
“Located just outside Poreč, this cave is a natural wonder, as its in the middle of a field and drops down 60 meters, showing a rich life inside it! The sightseeing tour lasts 40 minutes, where you descend along a 300 m long pathway up to 60 m below the ground, seeing an underground lake and visiting 5 beautifully decorated chambers. An interesting detail of this adventurous trip is also the encounter with the underground world of animals: you will see the cave olm (Proteus anguinus Laurenti), endemic in this dinaric karst region - an animal that can be found only in this karst area. In one of the chambers you will pass along a 4 m wide passage that leads 66 m vertically down reaching the deepest point of the cave at 132 m. The cave is well-lit and ordered, the pathway and the stairs have firm rails. The temperature is very pleasant 14°C. Guided tours start every 30 minutes with a guide (included in price) in the following languages: Croatian, Italian, German, English, Russian (with prior announcement Slovenian and French are available).”
  • 34 personnes du coin recommandent
National Park
“Beautiful nature and view on whole Kvarner bay. Higest top 1420 m. 8 routes for mountin biking and walking.”
  • 65 personnes du coin recommandent
“The forest park Punta Corrente (Golden Cape) is one of the most important natural attractions of Rovinj. At the end of the nineteenth century Georg Hütterott bought four Rovinj islands (St. Andrew, Maskin, Sturag and San Giovanni) and began cleaning up an area of about 90 hectares on the Golden Cape to build a spa. His premature death interrupted the realization of this ambitious project, but his vision remained and contributed to the development of tourism in this area. The uniqueness of Punta Corrente has been recognized in 1961 and declared a nature park. Golden Cape is ideal for various sporting activities such as running, cycling, gymnastics. The old quarry has been transformed into a paradise for lovers of free climbing. The park is perfect for a leisurely stroll. The whole area is closed to traffic from motor vehicles. The beaches of Punta Corrente are worth a visit. As in the rest of the coast, there are rocky capes and pebble bays suitable for children. In several places along the coast there are beach bars where you can refresh. ”
  • 52 personnes du coin recommandent
Nature Preserve
“Nattural Reserve. A narrow canyon, very impressive with a lot of trails to do. Here you can hike, climb on the rock and even refresh in the small river.”
  • 28 personnes du coin recommandent
“Mount Učka is ideal place for relaxation and recreational activities. Offering numerous recreational activities, different workshops, programs for children and even guided tours. The peak of Vojak features a stone tower, which has become a recognizable landmark. From the top of the tower one can admire a breathtaking 360 view to Rijeka, the Kvarner islands and Istria. On a good day you can even see to Italy. ”
  • 51 personnes du coin recommandent
“An agricultural farm and theme park where you can see how they grow organic herbs for their natural cosmetics and products. The park offers a wide variety of colors in an idyllic environment. You can either visit the Park or book a guided tour in their educational agro-tourism centre.”
  • 8 personnes du coin recommandent
“Wonderful park with Villa "Angiolina" in the center that has a historical value for being a symbol of birth Opatija's tourism glory. ”
  • 19 personnes du coin recommandent
“A small and beautiful island, you can cycle, swim, take a tour in a small electric train”
  • 20 personnes du coin recommandent
“Amazing experience of exploring Pazin underground. You will be able to enter Pazin cave 150m under the city.”
  • 13 personnes du coin recommandent
“Nature Reserve. Good starting point for cycling trails, like the Parenzana or Route of Health and Friendship.”
  • 6 personnes du coin recommandent
“Day and night bar in Opatija. Has also some suntanning beds below the bar. ”
  • 10 personnes du coin recommandent
“A wonderful place where you can eat a pizza and watch your kids playing in a big children's playroom.”
  • 21 personnes du coin recommandent
“Visit a national park, learn what saltern worker's life is like, swim in the sea.”
  • 11 personnes du coin recommandent
  • 3 personnes du coin recommandent