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Parcs et nature à Kanchanaburi

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National Park
“About Erawan Founded in 1975 as Thailands 12th National Park, it is covering an area of km². Located on West Thailand in the Tenasserim Hills of Kanchanaburi Province, it is one of the most famous national parks in Thailand. 81% of the park is mixed deciduous forests and the rest deciduous dipterocarp and dry evergreen forest. The park concists of limestone hills with elevetion between 165-996m above the sea level, plains and number of streams. The hills protects the park from eastern monsoon resulting in less rainfall in avarage. The major attraction of the park is Erawan Falls with emerald green ponds, named after the three-headed white elephant of Hindu mythology. The top tier of the fa”
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“Considered one of the most beautiful waterfalls in all of Thailand, this place is a must visit. It has 7 tiers, each unique and magnificent, and a climb to the top is highly recommended. There is an entrance fee of around 2-300 THB per person.”
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History Museum
“Explore the trace of once-flourish Khmer Kingdom at one of best known Khmer-style religious structures in Thailand. Historians estimated that Prasat Mueang Singh, and its surrounding architectures on the bank of Kwai Noi River, was built between 857 and 1157 as a religious temple of Khmer Kingdom. Prasat Mueang Singh was later abandoned until the reign of King Rama I when the area of Mueang Singh had become one of border cities of Kanchanaburi. The restoration of structures hasn’t completed until 1987, though. This place far from city around 60km. Entrance fee for foreigners 200 THB.”
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“Not the largest but still nice waterfalls. Lots of people and not just tourists, lots of locals having picnics. Not as large and dramatic as the Erawan Falls but still worth visiting. While here do take time to see the W.W.2. Japanese steam engine and do visit the local traders on the other side of the road and try some of their special snacks that we didn't see any where else in Thailand, dried fried banana slices, dried sweet potato slices and, best for us, the candied tamarind pods but beware of the rock hard pips.”
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“Its an hour of driving through lovely countryside from ours. Park, walk the nature trail through bamboo forest to the end of the trail and swim in the waterfall pools. Rare to find many people there. Off the beaten track. ”
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“The 958-sq-km Sai Yok National Park is home to limestone mountains, waterfalls, caves and some extremely rare animals. Because there are numerous sights right around the visitor centre, along well-marked and maintained trails (most open to bikes), it's easy to explore independently. And it never gets nearly as crowded as Erawan. The best-known attraction is Nam Tok Sai Yok Yai (Sai Yok Yai Waterfall), where a stream makes a short drop into the Mae Nam Khwae Noi river. The bigger Nam Tok Sai Yok Lek is on the other side of the suspension bridge. Both waterfalls are small, but beautiful because of how they flow out of the forest.”
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