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Visites touristiques et monuments à Limassol

Musées d'histoire

History Museum
“Just behind Limassol Municipal Gardens, is the city's archaeological museum, which houses an interesting collection of antiquities found in the Limassol area that date from the Neolithic Age up to the Roman period. Room One contains Neolithic tools and pottery that were excavated at Kourion and Amathus as well as the city itself. It's a mind-boggling display of Cyprus' vast history covering a huge time span from 3000 BC to AD 1300. Room Two holds artifacts from the Graeco-Roman era including a stunning bronze bull and some delicate figurines, while Room Three contains some of the most important finds from the local area, including statues of the Egyptian god Bes and the goddess Artemis unearthed at Amathus. Outside, within the pleasant garden, is a sundial, which was once owned by Lord Kitchener. ”
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Sites historiques

“Nice area for walks , lunch or dinner , coffee and drinks . Historical Limassol buildings , best for families or couples all ages . ”
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Lieu historique
“The Limassol castle is situated near the old harbouring the heart of the historical centre of the city of Limassol. The castle as it appears today is a structure rebuilt circa 1590 under the period of Ottoman rule!”
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“ Just around the corner, there is a beautiful Limassol Public Library situated in a historical building with the most extensive collection of art books in Cyprus. You will be astonished!”
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