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Best things to do in London

“It is a modern British restaurant! Delicious food and rustic contemporary decor. Whats more, only one minute away from home.”
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Marchand de vins et spiritueux
“Compromising of a 400+ wine selection, this charming wine store turned bar is truly unique. We guarantee your host will charm you and help you sample some of Italy’s finest wines.”
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“Global dishes served in a hotel setting with antique-style leather armchairs and chrome chandeliers.”
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“Top-notch drinks and table service is as good as you’d expect from a quality hotel, with oak-panelled walls and a marble-topped bar adding to the air of opulence. Cocktails are competitively priced and expertly mixed, and for the nightcap crowd, there’s even a menu of dessert drinks.”
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Meal Takeaway
“Classic and Modern Italian dishes, including a flatbread menu, in a stylish wine bar/restaurant.”
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Galerie d'art
“One of the leading contemporary art galleries in the UK, Cadogan Contemporary has been exhibiting British up and coming and veteran artists for over 25 years. They offer a variety of services for their clients, which consist of individuals and corporate buyers in the UK. They offer free insurance valuations for all artwork purchased at the gallery, home visits to hang and advise paintings, as well as art consultancy. Their exhibitions are held in and outside London - where their offices are based, in Chelsea/South Kensington next to Christies auction house. Their artists and sculptors currently in stock include: Briony Anderson and Brian Ballard.”
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