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Meilleures recommandations des gens du coin

Des sites touristiques aux trésors cachés, découvrez ce qui rend la ville unique avec l'aide des gens du coin qui la connaissent le mieux.
Lieu historique
“What can one say? Many ways to get there. Bus. Horse drawn carriage. By foot. Also guided walking tours across the bay to the Mont (prepare to get wet in the process). A unique experience. ”
  • 257 personnes du coin recommandent
“Sous-marin, aquariums, exposition Titanic, profondeur des océans, voici 3 heures à une journée complète à vous émerveiller. It's a great sea museum with a submarin, Titanic exhibition, aquariums...”
  • 45 personnes du coin recommandent
“You can get to this lovely island from Granville and also have a meal onboard during the one hour crossing.”
  • 65 personnes du coin recommandent
“There are many D Day beaches and tours all within just over an hours drive. Depending on when you are here will depend on events being held. Please check online for details. Museums often charge entry fees. ”
  • 52 personnes du coin recommandent
“The American Military Cemetery of Colleville-sur-Mer is the most famous war cemetery in Normandy. The long lines of white marble Latin crosses and stars of David symbolise the sacrifices that the Allied nations - and here in particular the United States of America - have made for our freedom. The cemetery is an exceptional site, not in the least because of its impressive location dominating Omaha Beach, where the Americans suffered their worst losses. It take around 45 minutes to drive to the American Cemetery from La Forge and is well worth a visit.”
  • 58 personnes du coin recommandent
“If you are a fashion aficionado then the Christian Dior Museum is a must see whilst in Granville. The Belle Époque mansion was originally the Dior family home before they moved to Paris and continued as a sea-side holiday home (and a retreat during the ravages of the First World War) until the Diors were forced to sell it to the town of Granville in 1932. There are magnificent sea views from the cliff top and in a clear day you can see the islands of Chausey and even Jersey. Perfume workshops are held in September. Open: May to October Address: 1 Rue d'Estouteville, 50400 Granville, France”
  • 41 personnes du coin recommandent
“Artisan manufacture and sale of traditional quality local produce and very quirky gift shop. Inside the shop, you will see the decor is still in the old fashioned style, to whisk you back to yesteryear ! The French influence reigns supreme over the displays of gourmet food, regional and local produce. Savoury or sweet, there is something for everyone ! Here and there, the shop's style will take you back to another era, and the delicious aromas you tempt you to stop at our wonderful deli in La Manche, Normandy. ”
  • 39 personnes du coin recommandent
“This is by far the best zoo I've ever been to. It has beautiful planting throughout that you think you're in botanical gardens. The main part of the zoo has three bouncy castles and two ball pits plus a massive park area. My kids love it here!”
  • 26 personnes du coin recommandent
Natural Feature
“La pointe du Grouin, et son magnifique panorama, un incontournable de la destination Saint-Malo - Baie du Mont-Saint-Michel.”
  • 31 personnes du coin recommandent
“Utah Beach is one of the two American landing zones in Normandy. This beach was created by British general Bernard Montgomery who wished to establish a beachhead directly in the Cotentin peninsula in order to capture Cherbourg faster, because of its deep water harbor and its major logistic importance.”
  • 32 personnes du coin recommandent
Lieu historique
“This really surpassed our expectations. The story of the D Day landings is beautifully captured - you can walk into the bomb craters and shelters. Fantastic views too. ”
  • 32 personnes du coin recommandent
“WWII Normandy Landings (US) Three D-Day museums. Musée D-Day Omaha features an Enigma machine”
  • 27 personnes du coin recommandent
“The WWII Normandy landing beaches need no introduction. Your choice as to where you go. Lots of different museums. Re-enactments are usually carried out around the annual anniversary of the landing date (6th June 1944). All very sobering. Lamentably much of historic Normandy was destroyed in the process - mainly from Allied bombings prior to and during the Landings. ”
  • 21 personnes du coin recommandent
“Zoo de Jurques We’re generally not a fan of zoos but I highly recommend this one. It has active breeding programmes with a heavy influence on education. Set in a huge forest it feels far from ‘zoo like’. The enclosures are huge, appropriate and well kept. Animals are all in very good condition and the keepers are friendly and helpful. There are 2 paths to complete with various feeding times to view, which are easy to follow. Parking is free. There are lovely play areas by the cafes and gift shops. The picnic area is well appointed by car park area P5. *Go in to the gift shop and request to leave for your picnic. They will stamp your hand and let you out!”
  • 14 personnes du coin recommandent
Natural Feature
“A l’ouest, les côtes escarpées sont époustouflantes. En se dirigeant vers le sud, les caps, plages, ports mais aussi havres se succèdent. A l’est, on découvre un bord de mer marqué par sa roche granitique, ponctué de ports, plages avant d’arriver dans les marais du Cotentin. Il offre une succession de prairies, polders, tourbières…accueillant une faune et une flore particulièrement riches à découvrir en toute saison, notamment en hiver au moment de la « blanchie » période pendant laquelle les marais sont inondés. Des panoramas uniques sur le bocage normand et sur son littoral pour vos balades et randonnées en Normandie. Le Nez de Jobourg dans La Hague, Cap Lévi à Fermanville, les forts de la Hougue à Saint Vaast La Hougue, la Baie des Veys porte d’entrée du Cotentin,les Dunes d’Hatainville à proximité de Barneville-Carteret : une multitude de circuits traversent des paysages sauvages et préservés pour le bonheur des randonneurs et des promeneurs ! Le Cotentin offre une multitude d’itinéraires, sur les sentiers de randonnée, le GR 223®, ou « chemin des douaniers« . Face à la mer ou encore dans les chemins creux du bocage normand, appelés par les Cotentinois : les « chasses », le Cotentin a tout pour plaire ! Partez faire une balade de 2 à 5 km avec vos enfants pour découvrir les chemins sinueux ou profitez d’un bon bol d’air au milieu des champs pour une journée nature.”
  • 20 personnes du coin recommandent
Natural Feature
“Le Nez de Jobourg est, après le Mont-Saint-Michel, le lieu le plus visité de la Manche. Ses falaises sont parmi les plus hautes falaises d’Europe continentale. Dans le décor fantastique du cap de la Hague, à 128 mètres au-dessus de la mer, s’élance le Nez de Jobourg. La vue s’étend jusqu’au cap de Flamanville et au loin, vers l’horizon, se détache l’île d’Aurigny. Que le soleil brille, qu’il pleuve ou qu’il vente, le spectacle sera toujours une rencontre pure et simple avec la puissance des éléments et la beauté de la nature. ”
  • 18 personnes du coin recommandent

Expériences les mieux cotées

Meilleurs restaurants

“this is a high-end hotel and restaurant which is a good spot for a little indulgence!”
  • 15 personnes du coin recommandent
“Dans un cadre de rêve, très bon restaurant à un prix très correct réservation obligatoire”
  • 22 personnes du coin recommandent
Restaurant de fruits de mer
“This lovely place in Grandcamp is a real treat. It’s good for any group but particularly good value in terms of kids set menu. Food is consistently excellent and service is also very accommodating. You need to book in advance, it’s very popular. ”
  • 12 personnes du coin recommandent
Restaurant français
“This is about an hours drive from Les Fieffes in Blainville but well worth it to be right by the sea in spring and summer months. It’s essentially a shabby chic sea side shack selling pub like fare but with French style (and the occasional singalong). Choices are basic but good quality (Moules Frites). Only a short drive up from here to Pointe D’Agon or Agon-Coutainville Resort to make part of highly enjoyable day out.”
  • 19 personnes du coin recommandent
Restaurant de fruits de mer
“Ce restaurant de fruits de mer haut de gamme au décor simple dans des tons clairs offre une belle vue sur le port.”
  • 12 personnes du coin recommandent
“Dans la haute ville, coin piéton, bonne carte et bonne ambiance, souvent des concerts; ”
  • 14 personnes du coin recommandent
Restaurant français
“8 mn' 6 km by car Super-chef Olivier Roellinger’s sumptuous restaurant is housed in the impressive Château Richeux, 4km south of Cancale. Roellinger’s creations have earned him three Michelin stars (though he renounced them in 2008), and the food takes in the culinary highlights of Brittany and Normandy, all beautifully cooked and imaginatively served. Roellinger's son - Hugo - took over from his father in 2014 to focus on fish, vegetables and seaweed. Book well ahead. Sompteux restaurant du chef Olivier Roellinger, repris par son fils Hugo en 2014, qui le consacre désormais aux poissons et aux algues (pas de viande). Réserver à l'avance. ”
  • 12 personnes du coin recommandent
Diner américain
“Salon de thé pour déjeuner ou déguster une patisserie et un thé. Innombrables thés à la carte, moelleux délicieux et pasteis de nata à tomber...”
  • 16 personnes du coin recommandent

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