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Les meilleures recommandations de parcs par les gens du coin

Autre - Plein air
“Shelby Bottoms Nature Center at one end of the Greenway will connect you to the Cumberland River Pedestrian Bridge on this 3 mile trek. Bring your walking shoes, bicycle or skates!”
  • 228 personnes du coin recommandent
“Cheekwood is a 55-acre botanical garden and historic estate in Nashville, featuring art galleries, seasonal festivals and breathtaking wedding venues.”
  • 204 personnes du coin recommandent
“Located about 30 minutes south of East Nashville (without traffic), Percy and Edwin Warner Parks span 3,200 acres of beautiful wooded hills, open meadows, and bubbling streams, and includes 16.75 miles of hiking trails. We like the 4.5 mile Mossy Ridge Trail or the 2.5 mile Warner Woods Trail. This is a park close to the city, so you will see lots of other hikers on these trails, especially on the weekends. We prefer this park in the fall. ”
  • 195 personnes du coin recommandent
“Nice grassy park with Nashville's very own Parthenon, definitely check it out to see the gleaming gold statue of the goddess Athena. ”
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State / Provincial Park
“There is something extraordinary about the fall colors at Radnor Lake Park and we recommend you stop by this park if you are here in the fall. Hikes here are short, easy and lacking much elevation if that is what you seek. Despite being located in a fairly urban area, you will often see wildlife and gorgeous colors in the fall.”
  • 189 personnes du coin recommandent
“This bazaar life size Parthenon is indeed in Nashville. This park is close to Vanderbilt and great for an evening walk or summer picnic. ”
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Monuments/Sites célèbres
“Take a stroll, have lunch at the Farmer's Market and learn about Tennessee.”
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“Pretty park on the Cumberland River- splash pad for the kids and elevator to Shelby Street Pedestrian Bridge for beautiful views of the city”
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Parcours pour chiens
“Cool area to walk around with some art sculptures, a lake a land golf course.”
  • 38 personnes du coin recommandent
“Great view of downtown. Parklike area for a family picnic, and a great place to watch the New Year's and 4th of July Fireworks.”
  • 41 personnes du coin recommandent
“Check out the historic Cumberland Riverfront that started it all here in Nashville. ”
  • 26 personnes du coin recommandent
“A great park for scenic views of the lake, hiking, biking, boating, and picnicking. Some trails are paved. 8.8 miles from The Bunk House ”
  • 22 personnes du coin recommandent
Restaurant italien
“Want to breathe some fresh air? Fontanel (short drive from here): Nice hike for your traveled body with a FREE liquor tasting at Prichard's. Literally anywhere on the Greenway to stroll for a paved walking path, without dodging cars. ”
  • 28 personnes du coin recommandent
“This is must see for families. There are several play areas at this little park for all ages/abilities. In the center of the park is a sculpture of a dragon that was built by Pedro Silva and decorated by local artists and Nashville volunteers. It is wonderful to climb on and great for family pictures. Fannie Mae Dees Park is often referred to as “Dragon Park,” thanks to Pedro Silva’s sea serpent which was erected in the 70s, and features hundreds of personal designs–including faces, birds, alien creatures, flowers and animals–all made of cut or chipped tiles painted by local artists. Over several months in 1999 (and once again restored recently), neighborhood volunteers gave the beloved reptile much-needed repairs and polish, making him as handsome–and climbable–as ever.”
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“This is one of the closest local parks. It features really nice rolling hills, picnic areas (with pavilions), and a fairly empty disc golf course. Its low key place to relax, if you don't feel like heading into the city.”
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“This is a great large park in East Nashville. It has playgrounds, a dog park, baseball fields, 2 golf courses, a boat ramp, and walking paths. ”
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