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Que faire à Naniwa Ward?

Découvrez la ville à travers les yeux d'un habitant. Trouvez les meilleures activités, les meilleures tables et obtenez des conseils inestimables des habitants de la place.

Centre commercial
“On Sakaisuji between the Nipponbashi 3-chome intersection on Nansan Dori Street in the north and the Ebisucho intersection in the south you can find all the big name electronics and home appliance retailers. The area to the west of this street has a lot of small independent stores. At many of these smaller stores discounts are common and negotiating a price is the norm. At the bigger stores there are often tax-free offers for overseas visitors. You will also see young ladies dressed in French maid costumes at every intersection of Otaku Road who are trying to attract customers to their main cafes. At these cafes the girls in exaggerated maid costumes serve drinks, chat with customers.”
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Hobby Shop
“Historic spots such as Omotesando or the Umeno Bridge to high Tsunomiya, the hill have various highlight including high Tsunomiya. There is Bairin, too, and a lot of cherry trees plant it, too. A northwest part has the park where there is a swing, and a child can play””
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Sublocality Level 2
“Famous sightseeing spots in Osaka. We sell a lot of electric appliances and personal computer goods etc.”
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“This store has "Yokahamaya-like Ramen," currently popular in Osaka, known for its thick noodles and tasty soup.”
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“One of the largest commercial districts in Osaka, packed with electrical equipment discount stores.”
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Magasin d'électronique
“Nipponbashi is electronics quarter and for Otaku culture. You can buy classic PC to the latest model at discount price. And can get Cosplay goods too. ”
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Hobby Shop
“A huge appliance store in Nippombashi selling a range of electronic and AV products.”
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“There are various things such as daily necessities and food.It is open 24 hours.”
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Tempura Restaurant
“이치미젠 (덮밥) 一味禅 엄청난 비주얼과 크기, 맛, 게다가 가격까지 모두 착한 이치미젠의 덮밥. 새우튀김, 장어튀김, 호박튀김, 떡 튀김 등 음식모형과 똑같은 비주얼의 덮밥과 그 맛은 음식을 먹는 사람들로 하여금 행복하게 만든다. 우리나라 맛집 프로그램에도 소개 된 이치미젠의 덮밥은 오사카에서 꼭 들러야 할 맛집!”
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Restauration rapide
“It also called as 'Osaka Akihabara' because of it the large amount of retail shops selling stuff from electronic devices to personal tools. It also famous as the center of manga and anime culture.”
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“Instant Ramen noodle store has many different kinds of ramen noodles. The building is based on a image of a time when instant ramen noodles were first introduced. ”
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