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Nijni Novgorod : location et réparation de voitures

Lieu historique
“Красивый вид на слияние двух рек "Ока" и "Волга". Военная техника в Кремле. Кирпичные башни. ”
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“It is our promenade. A pedestrian street with bars, cafes, clubs, theaters... There is street art, street music. It is the soul of the city.”
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“The Park entrance is immediately after the molitovskiy bridge. Very nice view to the city! On the right of the bridge there is an old staircase - you should follow it.”
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“Great view. Nizhny Novgorod is a city of hills and ravines. Here our unusual landscape is especially expressive. In summer, from the pedestrian bridges of the embankment, jumps to the abyss are often organized”
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Soccer Stadium
“Место проведения FIFA 2018 ________________________ The venue of the 2018 FIFA world Cup Russia ”
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“An ancient fortress from 14th century on a high hill overlooking river Volga. In addition to the fortress there is a memorial with eternal flame for victims of WWII and an exhibition of military equipment produced in the city during that period.”
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Lieu historique
“Famous ancient fortress with a magnificent view of the rivers - Volaga and Oka.”
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Centre commercial
“As in any major shopping center here you can choose and buy any clothes, shoes, visit a restaurant or one of the fast food establishments. There is also a trampoline Park. Large online store products. The largest in the Nizhniy Novgorod restaurant "Maximillian's" (works nights too, as a nightclub).”
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“The biggest staircase in russia. its construction began in 1943 in honor of the victory in the Battle of Stalingrad. It looks especially beautiful from below”
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“Best "kupecheslaya" architecture, nice restaurants, the most beautiful church”
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Cable Car
“Ride across the Volga river in the cableway (it is public transport to the town "Bor" across the river)”
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“It is very a long promenade, stretching along the rivers Oka and Volga with a view of the Stadium, Strelka, Bridges and Bor city”
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Centre commercial
“Много брендовых бутиков где можно подобрать себе одежду или купить подарки.Так же большой супермаркет Ашан где большой выбор продуктов на любой кошелёк.”
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“Набережная в историческом месте города, с прекрасными видами на р.Волгу. На набережной расположены музеи и рестораны.”
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Divertissement général
“Парк конечно находится не в центре, но съездить туда стоит. Красивая природа, множество развлечений, карусели.”
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Point of Interest
“Жалко что я могу указать лишь один театр. В городе их много и все они прекрасны .”
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