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Parcs et nature à North Governorate

Meilleurs parcs

“Any time of the day is amazing. Always fresh and lovely for a hike. Different tracks are there for different endurance and time levels. Make sure you visit the cliff overlooking the valley. It's at 20mins walk from the entrance.”
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“Special trees you can not find any where, hyper nice panoramic place for hiking ”
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“Here you can visit Brother Estephan House and Museum, spend time in a nice park by the Al Ghrair water spring and visit a small bird's zoo.”
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“The village of Houb, whose name in Syriac means Love, stands on the heights of Tannourine. There on a picturesque hill, and surrounded by cedar trees and mixed forest, is the monastery of St. Anthony the Great. Perched on its summit as on an eagle’s nest, with all around hilltops, cliffs and bubbling springs, with basement and cellars and a red-tiled roof adding a splash of color to the rich and verdant surrounding nature, the monastery was built by monks to a height of three stories. At Houb nature, the monastery, the environment and the people are all one.”
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Surf Spot
“Beautiful bar on the rocks with good food and good music - packed on weekends!”
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“1 minute walk from Ô Fleur De Sel Guesthouse. Beach, restaurants and bars. Water sports available.”
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