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Des sites touristiques aux trésors cachés, découvrez ce qui rend la ville unique avec l'aide des gens du coin qui la connaissent le mieux.
Lieu historique
“"Fort Ticonderoga, formerly Fort Carillon, is a large 18th-century star fort built by the French at a narrows near the south end of Lake Champlain, in northern New York, in the United States. It was constructed by Canadian-born French military engineer Michel Chartier de Lotbinière, Marquis de Lotbinière between October 1755 and 1757, during the action in the "North American theater" of the Seven Years' War, often referred to in the US as the French and Indian War. The fort was of strategic importance during the 18th-century colonial conflicts between Great Britain and France, and again played an important role during the Revolutionary War. The site controlled a river portage alongside the mouth of the rapids-infested La Chute River, in the 3.5 miles between Lake Champlain and Lake George. It was thus strategically placed for the competition over trade routes between the British-controlled Hudson River Valley and the French-controlled Saint Lawrence River Valley. -Fort Ticonderoga"”
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“Great family-oriented farm with a wide variety of fruits in their farm stand and pick-your-own.”
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Point of Interest
“Shuttling travelers on Lake Champlain between Ticonderoga, New York and Shoreham, Vermont since 1759. Check schedule online. 5 miles from house. 10 minute ride”
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Natural Feature
“Directly across lake from Ft Ticonderoga and once connected by a short lived floating bridge. One of great dramas of the British American war played out here over the course of a long cold Vermont winter. Read Smithsonian Magazine article online to get full story.My father used to metal detect this site when I was young and before it was protected. We found cannonballs and British coins from that era that are now in the museum..”
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“Fabulous little museum and hike a trail where history took place in the 18th century along Lake Champlain.”
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Point of Interest
Point of Interest
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Gare de train
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Gas Station
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