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Magasiner à Portela

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“Another nice café 🥮☕️ inside Portela's shopping mall, delicious portuguese pastries! 300m away, 4 mins walk.”
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“The nicest and closest bakery 🥯☕️, perfect for the best typical portuguese breakfast. It's located inside the Centro Comercial da Portela mall center, only 300m away (4 mins walk).”
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  • 1 personne du coin recommande
Car Dealer
“Closest Auto Repair Shop 🚘 1.2km away (3min by car). Professional staff and they usually provide a quick assistance at good prices.”
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“The first Bio-supermarket and one of the biggest. Located after the airport to get there is tricky, GPS assistance would be almost re- comended. Fantastic for beautiful vegetables (most of them natio-”
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“The closest Pharmacy 💊only 300m away, 4 mins walk (it's only accessible from the street, not from inside the Portela's Shopping Mall).”
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“This is the closest supermarket 🛒, only 300m away (4 mins walk). It's located inside "Centro Comercial da Portela" mall centre where you can find also other grocery stores, restaurants, boutiques, post office, and many other department stores. Open Hours: 9AM - 8PM”
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Centres commerciaux

Centre commercial
“Aqui tem todo o tipo de comercio ,restaurantes ,cafetarias ,supermercados ,farmacias, lavandarias , bancos , correios, clinica de saúde, etc. ”
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