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Magasiner à Poulsbo

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“Not to be missed. Press your nose against the display case as you try to decide what you can't live without. Renowned bakery with a line out the door. If there is a line, the service is swift, so you shouldn't have to wait too long.”
  • 17 personnes du coin recommandent
Grocery or Supermarket
“24 hour Safeway located about 15 minutes away. Do not confuse this one with the Safeway in Silverdale if you are looking for late night groceries.”
  • 3 personnes du coin recommandent
Restaurant américain
“Looking for breakfast or to grab a bite to eat? 50's style diner on Front St is a favorite place for breakfast or a burger.”
  • 3 personnes du coin recommandent
Cuisine et boissons
“One of the best surprises on Front Street: 2000 kinds of licorice, 200 kinds of craft beers, interesting European packaged and refrigerator foods, and gifts. ”
  • 3 personnes du coin recommandent
“This grocery store is a must stop with a coffee shop, deli and a pizza counter! Yum”
  • 14 personnes du coin recommandent
“Tiny hole in the wall, bust after trying them all, and I really mean all, best espresso around! IMHO”
  • 2 personnes du coin recommandent
“The Coffee Oasis is my go-to for a great tasting latte or cup of drip. It's a little off the beaten path, but definitely worth the walk (or drive if its drizzling). It doesn't hurt that the Coffee O is a non-profit dedicated to its community and the homeless youth in and around Kitsap county. The best tasting coffee in town, and a great cause to boot! ”
  • 2 personnes du coin recommandent
“Get your pharmacy on. There is a CVS within walking distance from our location, but it's new and not showing up on google maps yet.”
  • 2 personnes du coin recommandent