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Des sites touristiques aux trésors cachés, découvrez ce qui rend la ville unique avec l'aide des gens du coin qui la connaissent le mieux.

“A largely unknown gem! This beautiful ruined abbey is located in the countryside around Siena, easy to access by car. It is a fantastic photo opportunity when the fields all around it are filled with sunflowers and crimson poppies. The building itself is mysterious and romantic, even housing the Italian equivalent of King Arthur's Sword in the Stone in its crypt. ”
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“lovely natural Park with Butteri, who do shows of their skills throughout the summer, beautiful natural beach and wild animals you can hire a bike and cycle to the beach”
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“The selection of wines in Tuscany and Umbria is unrivalled. For red wine enthusiasts a visit to Montalcino is a must.”
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“Tuscan cuisine is rich in taste, flavors and ancient traditions. Especially when it comes to his desserts. In Maremma, for example, at the end of each meal, you cannot miss a taste of the typical Sfratto, a sweet made from nuts and honey. Its name originates from the history of the Jewish community of Pitigliano which recalls the local custom of beating Jews at the door with a stick. Today the "eviction" of the Goym is a specialty of villages of Pitigliano and Sorano and is tasted especially at Christmas time, cut into slices. From the happy encounter between the kitchens of the two peoples come the dish "tegamata", a stew of beef, tomato and potatoes, the "Esaù lentil soup", which recalls a recipe mentioned in the Old Testament, risotto with artichokes. Another must of the territory is the Maremma tortelli, a very well-known dish throughout Tuscany. Egg pasta is spread by hand and the filling is made with ricotta cheese and spinach. They can be seasoned with meat sauce or with butter and sage. In some areas of the Maremma, for example in Sorano, a pinch of cinnamon is often added to enhance the contrast between sweet and savory. Tortelli pair beautifully with local wines, such as Morellino di Scansano or Bianco di Pitigliano. Absolutely to taste is also acquacotta, a recipe that represents the history and tradition of the Maremma. At first glance, it may seem similar to ribollita but with some difference. Acquacotta is a soup of poor and peasant origins that can contain various vegetables, including beets, tomatoes and carrots. It is accompanied by croutons and a poached egg And then the fish dishes like the Scaveccio, made with so-called poor fish because they are full of thorns and not very marketable (boga, horse mackerel, sparaglione); these are marinated so as to soften the thorns and make them appetizing with taste. Or seafood salads, noodles with scampi, risotto with mussels (crabs) or bottarga di Orbetello. In other words, for all taste ”
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“The park is 9800 ectar along the coast until the towns Principina a Mare and Talamone. This territory still wild with lots of special birds In the South aerea are the Uccellina Mountains with a marvellous Mediterean vegetation , here you can have the possibility to make a visit in the carriage escorted by Buttere (our cow boys).”
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“The Tarot Garden (Giardino dei Tarocchi) is an artistic park, conceived by the French-American artist Niki de Saint Phalle, filled with statues inspired by the shapes of the major arcana of the Tarot.”
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“Spiaggia libera di medie dimensioni (2 ore di viaggio) con belle trasparenze, famosa per il suono che produce la sabbia simile ad un violino, a causa dell'attrito della sabbia e i piedi. Un sentiero (2 km) conduce dal parcheggio (a pagamento) alla spiaggia. Snack bar in loco. Consigliato partire presto la mattina. Free sandy beach not very large (2 hours away) but amazing water. Very popular beach because its sand makes a sound that remembers the music of a violin when you put your feet on the ground. A route takes you from the parking lot (payable) to the beach through the woods (about 2 km). Snack bar on the site. You should leave home very soon in the morning.”
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Jardin de sculptures
“Amazing sculpture wonderland , kids will love it, a great day trip to the coast as well as near to Capalbio and the coast, Ultima spiaggia in the natural park of Burano”
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Natural Feature
“ Giglio Island is a hidden treasures of Tuscany with wonderful beaches and crystal clear water situated in the Tyrrhenian sea ”
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“Ancient Etruscan- roman city ruins with underground viewing a real feel of how they lived, great long walk with possibility to swim in the river Fiora, scene of many films, also has an amazing castle with a moat and museum of beautiful Etruscan artifacts, there are also hot springs nearby for a full day out”
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“The abbey complex has a cloister with a stunning cycle of frescoes about the life of Saint Benedict, founder of the abbey's order. The setting is magical. Be there by midday to ensure entry.”
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“Visit the tranquillity and beauty of this ancient abbey, a former Benedictine monastery; located among olive trees and vineyards, it's a haven of calm and easily combined with a trip to Montalcino and particularly special if you are able to catch the lyrical Gregorian chants of monks during services. ”
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Warehouse Store
“ The closest place to buy everything you could possibly need including food, sim with internet, clothes and games.”
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“One of the sandy beaches on Argentario, perfekt for families with children”
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Bar à vin
“Do not miss a visit to Pienza, famous for its pecorino cheese (from sheep's milk).”
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“An hill over a valdichiana and valdorcia is dominating the view. From the top Fortezza to bottom San Biagio church, Montepulciano is a town to walk and enjoy. Centuries over centuries built this beauty, having the top form on renessance. Giving fine writers, painters, builders to Italy, it was a mother for intellectual panorama. It all depends what you want to look for, You can hire a guide, you can do by yourself walking on the town, you can book wine tours at valdichiana living and so on... Surely is not only a bite, Montepulciano must be lived a bit to understand, all now seems commercial that pays your attention on touristic wave. All places must be lived,so please take you time and stop for a coffee, for a glass of wine and enjoy it. I will start from top, you can park both to bottom santa Agnese parking lot, or back the Fortezza parking. Blue lines must pay, don't enter the town is ZTL traffic limited with camera,else you'll get billed. The Fortezza is a 1500 building, where now makes art or craft exhibitions. I know it well, was my classical lyceum for 2 years. The city recovered it for touristic purposes. At the ground floor the Montepulciano Wine consortium made a wine tasting of most famous cellars, you can drink wine over a magnificent glass floor on etruscan cellars. They have the card system, so you can spray the wine on your glass at quantity you desire. Be careful is a little bit expansive, but it's a wonderful experience. Going down from Fortezza though Italian garden, to piazza grande, there is the torture museum. In piazza Grande, the magnificent church medioeval romantic, communal palace you can enter till over tower. It's been the scenario of many movies and spot, like twilight and more. I want to suggest you enter the door of palazzo Ricci, go down the stairs you will enter their wine cellar, the smell of big old barrel is unforgettable. Hidden places as piazzetta delle erbe for panoramic view, continue down, there are two major way to go, and get lost on all narrow roads that hides you perfect picture to bring with you. Wine producers, pecorin cheese taste, restaurants, fine arts. Don't miss to visit San Biagio church,just out the town.. And if you are tired you can take the small bus to go back your car.”
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