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Reykjavik : produits et services de base

“Wonderful family restaurant perfect - itlian inspired and lovely vegetarian dishes. Luna flórens bar is located beside it !”
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Cave à vin
“The State Alcohol and Tobacco Company of Iceland (ÁTVR) is a monopoly in sales of alcohol in Iceland. Beware of the opening hours - open till 18 but closed on Sundays.”
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“I really like this place. They have daily fish specials during lunch. It's a great place to go for a quick affordable and tasty meal during the day. Staff is wonderful.”
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Épicerie fine/Bodega
“The local shop where you can everything from groceries to toys. Open 11:00-23:30 every day. Very good vibe and helpful staff.”
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“This is a full size super market and prices are as good as they get in Reykjavik and Iceland. You go here to stock up on food and drinks.”
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Cave à vin
“Nearest one! In Iceland alcohol is only sold at government run Vínbúðin. Make sure to check the opening hours f.ex. its closed on Sundays. ”
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“A expensive store that is always open. Good to know that it is there at least if something is missing. ”
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Cave à vin
“In Iceland alcohol is only sold at government run Vínbúðin. Make sure to check the opening hours f.ex. its closed on Sundays.”
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“Good variety in a store that doesn´t look that big. They have ready-made chicken, sheepsheads (Kjammi) and fries to go. Also prepared food to take home to cook. ”
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“The Bónus chain is a budget supermarket chain all over Iceland. This is your outlet in this part of town”
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Marchand de vins et spiritueux
“Alcoholic beverages can only be purchased in state run Vínbúðin stores. Vínbúðin has a total of 14 outlets in the Reykjavík area. Have in mind that "beers" sold in grocery stores have ABV below 2.25%. ”
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“Kaffi Vest. Cafée, brekfast, lunch, diner, bar. You enter from the corner of Hofsvallagata and Melhagi, the sign here on the map is where the pharmacy is. Open Mon-Fri 8-23 Sat-Sun 9-23”
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“Lyf & heilsa Inc. is one of the best know retail names in Iceland, providing medicine, health and beauty products as well as guidance to personal wellbeing. ”
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“It takes about 30 minutes to walk there, 5 minutes by car. A good price super market.”
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Cave à vin
“The local bottle shop. The only stores where you can buy alcohol in Iceland - not sold in supermarkets. Only a 5 min. drive away.”
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“The farmacy in Reykjavík that has the widest opening hours. It is open from 08:00-24:00.”
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