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Que faire à Richmond District, San Francisco?

Découvrez la ville à travers les yeux d'un habitant. Trouvez les meilleures activités, les meilleures tables et obtenez des conseils inestimables des habitants de la place.

Musée d'art
“The de Young often features traveling exhibits from all over the world. It's in a fantastic modernist building which has a tower that you can go up (free of charge) for a great view of Golden Gate Park and the surrounding city.”
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“China Beach is a beautiful and historic cove in San Francisco's Sea Cliff neighborhood. It lies between Baker Beach and Lands End and is part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area with views of the GG Bridge”
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“If you love pizza, you must go to Pizzetta 211 for lunch or dinner. It is a block away and they don't take reservations, but the wait isn't usually too long. Best pizza ever! (And be sure to have dessert...)”
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Cinéma indépendant
“Local movie theatre with two movies. Usually one of them is something worth seeing. Good prices and wine and beer served!”
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“Stunning houses. Nice walk through the neighborhood to the Land's End trail and beaches, China and Bakers.”
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Nouvelle cuisine américaine
“Great restaurant on Balboa within walking distance serving modern California cuisine. ”
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“Just a short walk from here! Delicious freshly baked treats, fresh coffee and tea. Opens at 7am weekdays, 8am weekends.”
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“One of the last places in San Francisco with soul. Do not go here if you want something polished or cute. This place has attracted the same exact crowd for decades. They sit around debating philosophy and politics. Don't they have jobs? How do they afford the coffee? The cafe is open till 10 PM, and serves beer (with live music) at nights.”
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“Local China Town. Not touristy. Easy parking and great shops and restaurants.”
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Restaurant chinois
“DIM SUM! Casual, bustling mainstay serving up dim sum all day, plus Hakka Chinese staples at dinner.”
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Restaurant Dim Sum
“Famous Chinese and Dim Sum restaurant in SF! There can be a line here but it is worth the wait! You can get a 7 course meal WITH LOBSTER for 4 people here for under $100 (house soup, lobster or peking duck, 4 entrees of your choice and dessert)! For dessert, the mango fish is sooo worth it! Remember to tip well! ”
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Restaurant de fruits de mer
“Yummy Fresh Seafood. Neighborhood Spot. Fun Atmosphere! No Reservations. Chablis while you wait.”
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Boutique de bagels
“Best bagels and pastries in the city! Get here early on weekends. The lines can be crazy! But totally worth it!”
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Restaurant de fruits de mer
“Not fancy but serve good fresh quality seafood. Crab/Shrimp, etc Good spot. It can be quite packed.”
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Restaurant mexicain
“The classic Tommy’s margarita is pretty much the version that we make in almost all the bars I run. It’s a very simple, naked margarita: tequila, lime, agave, salt rim if you want it—but no orange liqueur. It’s just really simple and classic. I’ve heard that Tommy’s has one of the best tequila selections in the world. What makes drinking here special is Julio Bermejo, who is often behind the bar. If you get the chance to sit in front of Julio, that’s the way to go. He’s such an amazing guy. He really cares about what he does and is full of knowledge—he’s basically the ambassador of tequila.”
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“Walking / hiking the 1.2 mile trail from Lands End to Eagles Point offers breathtaking views on clear days and an iconic SF experience on cool, foggy days. The trail skirts the bluff above the melding of the Pacific Ocean with SF Bay.”
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