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Visites touristiques et monuments à Saint Johnsbury


Science Museum
“An inspired, eclectic collection that started as a "cabinet of curiosities" during the Victorian era. Displays include taxidermy, shells, tools, mummies, and artifacts from around the world. Don't miss John Hampson's "Bug Art" -- mosaics made entirely of beetles and moths -- and the seasonal native butterfly house (in the summer). Home to Vermont's only public planetarium (temporarily closed due to COVID19) and the Eye on the Sky weather center.”
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“This museum has an impressive art collection including the large Bierstadt that you can see in the photo.”
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“The prettiest library EVER and at the back is a gallery/museum with some of the most exquisite fine art including an original and HUGE Bierstadt painting of Yosemite. AN ABSOLUTE MUST SEE! AND FREE!”
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