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Les meilleures recommandations de sentiers pédestres par les gens du coin

“Beautiful (and easy) hiking trail overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge. Pick a sunny day for the views although I also love the misty fog or as we call him, Karl the Fog! He even has his own instagram @KarlTheFog ”
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Lieu historique
“One of our favorite sightseeing spots in the city is Sutro Baths! It's an old indoor pool that burned down and now leaves really cool ruins overlooking the ocean. ”
  • 138 personnes du coin recommandent
“Find your way to the rocky peak, and you'll be glad you did! Popular spot to bring dogs (there are fenced and non-fenced play areas), and the sport courts get lots of use on sunny days.”
  • 85 personnes du coin recommandent
“Miles and miles of sandy beach and wilderness. Watching the sunset and the hang-gliders from the cliffs is a must! ”
  • 84 personnes du coin recommandent
“Intimate spot with flower-lined paths & rocky outcroppings offering fantastic views of the city and the bay.”
  • 35 personnes du coin recommandent
“Waterfront hiking through wildflowers, with shipwreck views & access to the Sutro Baths ruins.”
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“Enjoy this secluded and little known place to hike. This is the hill you see front our front yard. It's the highest point in SF and the views and out of this world! Just ask us for the best way to walk up the mountain!”
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“Take a nice run up and down Lyon steps at the top of Pacific Heights. Look at spectacular views from the top and iconic Pacific Heights homes. ”
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“Beautiful views of the Golden Gate Bridge, this trail starts near the golf course in a grove of eucalyptus trees, and follows the dramatic coast out to Sutro Baths and Ocean Beach.”
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“Best trail ever! Goes from Mill Valley to Stinson Beach. Lots of different terrain, spectacular views and microclimates. Start on Mt Tam, dip down into Muir Woods, head up and over rolling hills, land at the Pacific Ocean! ”
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“Find the trail head on Stanyan above the fire station, then hike up the hill behind UCSF to the top for amazing views and scenery--you wouldn't believe you are in the middle of the City”
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“The highest point in San Francisco, beating out Twin Peaks by a nose. It makes for a nice short hike, and unlike Twin Peaks, their won't be crowds on the top.”
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“Great bike and walking path to El Cerrito Plaza BART station and all along the east bay.”
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“The actual twistiest street in San Francisco. One way traffic from the top. Walk on the stairs.”
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“Beautiful scenic walking trail for skyline views of San Francisco, and when you reach the beach... it is a scenic view of California's iconic beaches too.”
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“Hike up to the South San Francisco sign and catch a sweeping view of the Bay Area”
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