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“famous for nut bong bread, baby hip, Guiness Seigle, Onion Cheese France, Redbean Pretzel ”
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“One of the most famous brands of sunglasses. It is designed to not only offer the best sunglasses, but the best shopping experience.The interiors of the store are like a gallery, and the shades are displayed like artwork.”
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“스튜디오 201에서 나와서 횡단보도 건너편에 있는 마트입니다. 대부분의 음식, 음료, 식자재를 팔고 생필품도 구입할 수 있습니다. 아침 일찍 열고 늦게 닫습니다. just cross the road, you can find it. you can buy most of food and daily necessaries. ”
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“'A true FLEX, Hongdae's Pedestrian-Friendly Street' Hongdae's Pedestrian-Friendly Street was selected as one of Korea's 100 representative tourist attractions in2019-2020. Facilities for tourists’ convenience, such as performance stages, resting spaces, Mapo Tourist Information Center,luggage storage, and moreare all located in the park that spans over approximately 330 square meters. As a place where various artists can come and host cultural events and street performances throughout the year,the place is always packed with fun things to see. A place that will change your view of the world at the end of your trip! Let’s go on a real adventure! Trick Art Photo Zone Here, you can see the history of Korean fashion from the 1980s to the 2010s through fun trick art. In addition to the joy of seeing interesting artwork, this is a cool place where you can have good time with yourfriends and take fun pictures. There is also a resting area near here where you can unwind a little while enjoying the artistic sentiment. Make sure to take your best selfies at the Trick Art Photo Zone,the hottest spot on Hongdae's Pedestrian-Friendly Street that attracts countless visitors. Busking Performances Known as the mecca of busking, this place is always crowded with a range of busking performances 365 days of the year. Busking performances are only permitted in the spots designated for the vitalization of busking culture in Hongdae, to ensure that both the street performers and the audience can enjoy the performances in a safe environment. A total of 11 busking zones are set up in Hongdae to accommodate a range of performances. From independent bands to niche genre performers, a range of artistic performances can be enjoyed on the streets of Hongdae. The streets in Hongdae are transformed into cultural performance stages 365 days a year, as a place that is filled with the passion of buskers. ”
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Sporting Goods Shop