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Visites touristiques et monuments à Zaanse Schans

Musées d'histoire

History Museum
“The Zaans Museum introduces you to a world-famous piece of Holland: Holland with its windmills, industries, green wooden houses, and Dutch icons such as Albert Heijn, Honig, and Verkade. This journey will take you from the very first windmills to the newest factories.”
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“Visit the world famous Zaanse Schans windmills! They're only 5 min by bike or 10 min walk along a beautiful part of the area!”
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History Museum
“In the neighborhood known as Zaanse Schans, this museum has a collection of clogs from different eras and different countries. You can also watch demonstrations on traditional methods of carving and decorating. ”
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Sites historiques

Lieu historique
“Visite 6 famous WINDMILLS Zaanse Schans can be reached from Amsterdam Centraal (central train station) by bus or train within less than an hour. Buses are the easiest way to reach Zaanse Schans from Amsterdam. * Connexxion Bus - Line 391 connects Amsterdam four times per hour, in 40 minutes with Zaanse Schans the final stop. Zaanse Schans itself is worth 2-4 hours, depending on how many attractions you visit. There is so much to do at the Zaanse Schans. Not all attractions are open every day, but most attractions are open from 9am till 5pm. Use the calendar below to make a convenient schedule with the opening hours of all the places you can see during your visit. 6 windmills You will find iconic views of the 6 windmills set on the river Zaan, traditional houses, shops and museums. Zaanse Schans has an open-air museum feel and has become a very popular tourist attraction given that entrance into the area is free. Volendam itself is worth 2-4 hours, as is Edam. The good thing is you will not have to stop somewhere to eat, simply eat at any of these places you visit. ”
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Lieu historique
“bike rentel €10.- for 1 day for 1 bike between 09:00 and 18: 00 ( 06:00 evening ) ”
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