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Que faire à Zagreb?

Découvrez la ville à travers les yeux d'un habitant. Trouvez les meilleures activités, les meilleures tables et obtenez des conseils inestimables des habitants de la place.

“One of the biggest parks in Zagreb. Has four lakes, cafes, restaurant and a zoo. Beautifull place to jog, read, walk, sit, spend the afternoon.”
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Opera House
“The Croatian National Theatre should be a definite stop. Surrounded by colorful tulips, this elegant, yellow building with extraordinary neo-baroque architecture and a fabulous dome is another city’s notable landmark. Many world-known names have performed on its stage so it’s an ideal chance to experience high-class ballet, drama or opera performances at affordable prices! If you managed to book last-minute tickets or you’ve already planned your visit to this spectacular building, be prepared to be amazed by its interior. Gilded columns, frescoed ceilings, marble details, and luxurious chandeliers exude elegance. Don’t forget to dress up!”
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“If you’re up for a little cultural uplift, head to the Museum of Broken Relationships. Just a short walk from St Mark’s Church, this cool museum is among the most interesting things to do in Zagreb. It is completely dedicated to failed relationships, so each exhibit you’ll find here has a special and unique story.”
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“Right behind the market, you will spot a magnificent cathedral with a rich fountain in front of it. Zagreb Cathedral is the tallest building in Croatia and a must-visit if you have only 48 hours in Zagreb. With its outstanding twin spires that can be seen from almost every part of Zagreb, Cathedral is one of the city’s most famous landmarks. An impressive interior will leave you breathless from the moment you enter. Massive chandeliers that are brought back from Las Vegas will welcome you at the entrance. Beautiful altars and magnificent statues in front of stained glass windows decorated in detail will surely leave you amazed. Another gorgeous part of this sacral building is a luxurious organ, which is one of the top 10 finest in the world. However, as this is a sacred place for all locals and tourists as well, respect the silence that reigns here.”
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Lieu historique
“Ban Jelačić Square stands at the centre of Zagreb’s social life and the most popular meeting points are “under the clock” on the west side of the square, and “under the horse’s tail” - a reference to the equestrian statue of Ban Jelačić in the square’s centre. ”
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Place piétonne
“Tkalčićeva Street is Zagreb main hub for cafes, restaurants and casual nightlife. Also known as Tkalča (Tkalcha), it features dozens of places where you will find something to your liking. Tkalčićeva is filled with life. Numerous boutiques, traditional shops, restaurants, cafes and outdoor events will fill your day. Once it was a stream that divided two oldest Zagreb settlements, Gradec and Kaptol. Because of contamination by all the shops, the stream was diverted. In the period 1899 to 1941, almost every house in Tkalčićeva street was a brothel. or this reason, Zagreb was the first city in Europe with the proper red light district. ”
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“Upper Town Zagreb: Where Present Meets the Past Did you know that Zagreb’s roots can be found in early 13th century, when it was actually called Gradec? In history, cities were usually built on the hill and this was also the case with Zagreb whose first center was placed on raised ground now called the Upper Town Zagreb.”
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“Just around the corner from the central square is one of the most romantic places in Zagreb, Zrinjevac Park. Your first impression will be of a green and floral promenade – this is where art lovers flock in droves. There are few towns where streets and greenery live as closely intertwined as they do in Zagreb. Zrinjevac, named after the Croatian viceroy, Nikola Šubić Zrinski, is the first in the string of eight green spaces, perhaps even the most beautiful.”
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“Welcome to our fascinating world of illusions. Thrilled yet bewildered you will enter a world that will blow your mind but also give you an opportunity to learn all sorts of things...”
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“Bundek -The park extends from the Liberty Bridge to the Youth Bridge, and it consists of two lakes, walking paths, leisure park with 10 barbecue areas (concrete barbecues with with benches and tables), which can be used free of charge, 1650 m long bicycle and roller-skating park, three playgrounds (for kids under 12, over 12, and one for children with special needs), two volleyball and handball sand courts, and water stage on a western part of a lake for numerous cultural events. ”
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Lieu historique
“For all those wanting to learn more about Croatian history, Lotrščak Tower is a place to be. Every day at noon, a blast from Grič canon shutters the city, reminding of an era when Turks planned to invade the town. Even if you’re not a history buff, climb the spiral staircase to the top because the view from the tower is worth the visit.”
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Marché fermier
“If you are in to grocery shopping then Dolac market has everything you need, walk trough the city and explore the offer on the market”
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“The Mimara Museum is an art museum in the city of Zagreb. First of all, it is located at Roosevelt Square, housing the collection by Wiltrud and Ante Topić Mimara. Also, its full official name is the Art Collection of Ante and Wiltrud Topić Mimara. The building itself is certainly magnificent. You can enjoy artwork, explore the museum and also exhibitions. Furthermore, you can sit in front of the Museum and enjoy the view or have a drink in one of the nearby coffee shops. As a result, you will feel great.”
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Restaurant méditerranéen
“Trraditional continental and Mediterranean cuisine. Meals are prepared according to traditional recipes, with a modern approach,”
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“Put on your walking shoes and start your journey by exploring the hidden gems of the Upper Town. Another stunning church you’ll find here is called St Mark’s Church. Built-in the 13th century, St Mark’s Church is a world known for its colorful tiled roof. A medieval coat of arms of Croatia, Dalmatia and Slavonia on the left side, and the emblem of Zagreb on the right side are credited for making this church one of the most photographed places in Zagreb. Even though it’s open only during mass times, it is worth visiting especially because it contains sculptures by famous Ivan Mestrović. Luxurious parliament and government buildings stand alongside the church. Every Saturday, between April and October, you can see the change of the guard ceremony.”
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“Museum of Contemporary Art -Dubrovnik Avenue 17 -The Zagreb Museum of Contemporary Art was founded in 1954 with the aim of following, documenting, and promoting events, styles, and phenomena in contemporary art. -The collections of the museum include some twelve thousand contemporary artworks, created by Croatian and international artists between 1950 and the present day. The Museum includes the following collections: Drawings, Prints, Posters, and Works on Paper; Film and Video; Photography; Media Art; Sculpture and Painting. ”
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