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Botanical Garden

National Botanical Garden of Tbilisi city

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Alexander Victoria
Alexander Victoria
December 30, 2019
Beautiful nature. Best time to visit is spring , summer and beginning of autumn.
December 27, 2019
The National Botanical Garden of Georgia occupies the area of 161 hectares and possesses a collection of over 4,500 taxonomic groups. Its history spans more than three centuries. It was first described, in 1671 as royal gardens.
December 23, 2019
Tbilisi's beautiful botanical garden is a short walk from The Willage. Check out the zipline!
October 23, 2019
Tourists would enjoy this place because its sightseeing views and nature.
September 14, 2019
Very old Botanical Garden, was Georgian king dynasty dendrarium garden. Amazing place, behind the Narikala fortress, perfect for walking with kids, do joggling, make some photos or event

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Lieu historique
“Narikala dates right back to the 4th century, when it was a Persian citadel. Most of the walls were built in the 8th century by the Arab emirs, whose palace was inside the fortress. Subsequently Georgians, Turks and Persians captured and patched up Narikala, but in 1827 a huge explosion of Russian munitions stored here wrecked the whole thing, and today it's a rather picturesque ruin, with only its walls largely intact. The choice way to reach Narikala is by cable car from Rike Park. Or you can walk up from Meidan or via the Betlemi St Stairs, which lead off Lado Asatiani street in Sololaki. The views over Tbilisi from the top of the fortress are superb.”
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“Abanotubani is a quarter in the center of Tbilisi, famous for its complex of sulfur baths. According to legend, king Vakhtang Gorgasali hunted pheasant in this area and found a hot spring. I decided to build a city around the spring and move the capital from Mtskheta here. This is how Tbilisi was born. The area of sulfur baths is usually offered to finish the walk to steam in the bath after a busy day. Reviews of the baths are different, decide for yourself whether you want it, for a start you can just look at the round roofs and drink pomegranate juice in the Heydar Aliyev square. Hot water in this place rises from the bowels of the earth from a depth of 2500 meters. They say it's good for the skin. The baths have common rooms for 3-4 lari per hour (1-2$) and private rooms with pools from 30 to 150 lari (1-50$) depending on the bath, services (massage or scrub) - from 10 lari (12$).”
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“This is where Vakhtang Gorgasali built his palace, and the site’s first church, when he made Tbilisi his capital in the 5th century. The existing church was built by King Demetre Tavdadebuli (the Self-Sacrificing) between 1278 and 1289, and has been reconstructed many times since. The building is thought to be a copy of King David the Builder's 12th-century church on this site, which was destroyed by the Mongols in 1235.”
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