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Öland Zoo and Amusement Park

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March 18, 2013
Öland Zoo & Amusement Park offers activities for the whole family, whether you are looking for excitement or just want to enjoy the tranquility among the animals.
January 20, 2019
Djurpark med barnvänligt vattenland och karuseller för alla åldrar.
December 24, 2018
Rolig aktivitet för barnen med zoo samt vattenland
August 8, 2018
Her er en virkelig hyggelig kombination af dyre- og forlystelsespark.
May 16, 2018
En djurpark med tivoli för ett heldagsbesök

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Natural Feature
“Alvaret is the huge natinal park stretching over almost half of the island; the southern part. This is the only place in Sweden with this type of nature. It is best viewed by passing across the island by Resmo, Mysinge or Degerhamn. Öland is famous for the Alvaret nature so it is a must see. You can also stroll on Alvaret but watch out for signs with bulls; animals roam on pretty big peices of land. Alvaret is a harch nature type with small bushes, very short trees bent by wind and a bunch of wild herbs and flowers. ”
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“For lovers of history. This castle ruin is one of the more preserved ones in scandinavia from its era. It is located on a plateau above the small city of Borgholm. You can either drive to the castle and enter it, or take a walk through the oaktree below the castle and get a pretty cool view of the castle from below. ”
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“Detta är den kungliga familjens sommarslott med park öppen för allmänheten. The summercastle of the Swedish Royal family. The park is open for visitors.”
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“Långe Jan is the southern lighthouse. Getting there you drive through the swedish kings hunting grounds. You might catch a glimse of the beautiful deer. You will defineatly see hundereds of cows and sheep - and might have to stop your car and let them cross the street; they roam free on the southern tip of Öland. The nature is harch and beautiful. Seals rest on the rocky coastline and hundereds of different birds fill the skies. ”
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“Kackelstugan is a restaurant, beer brewery and small scale musical scene. Pure quality! All summer they host live concerts in the small hall with well known swedish bands and musicians. ”
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Färjestaden, 38690
Téléphone0485-392 22
Heures d'ouvertureFermée · Ouvre à Saturday 11:00 AM
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