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January 23, 2020
There is a reason why so many prewar eateries are Beirut favorites: To survive, they had to be the best. And Barbar is just that. This snack bar opened in 1979 and hasn’t closed its doors since — not during the civil war, nor in the 2006 war with Israel. The chicken shawarma, marinated with cardamom…
February 12, 2019
You have to try Barbar before leaving Beirut, you may even get addicted to it! It is Lebanese fast food. I would recommend you try: Chicken Shawarma Falafel Pies: great for breakfast, my favorites are cheese pies and Thyme (Zaatar) and Labneh. They are called "Manoushe" in Arabic. They are open 24/7
November 24, 2018
One of the best falafels in Beirut, but if you prefer shawarma, man2ouche, or a sandwich, Barbar has everything. Ideal for take away.
April 27, 2015
Not known for its cleanliness, but it tastes good, and perfectly suits low budget. Sandwiches, salads, dishes, shawarma, etc.
April 25, 2015
Pretty famous place for several types of food from lebanese to snacks...

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“Great to walk at the corniche, check the med. sea and mountain view Notice the mix of culture and people Some has veils others blond hair! Great waves when it rains and there are wind”
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“Join us starting 6 pm, for beautiful sunsets and even more breath taking nights where we'll honor our glory days. The 60s in Lebanon were like a perfect woman; rough around the edges, but so gorgeous you could only think it was too good to be true. There's a reason they called Beirut “Paris of the Middle East” and it's due to it's amazing people, fine food, and extraordinary music. But all went down the drain when war struck our majestic country and the things we lost are too many to mention. We lost our train station; a truly golden aspect to our paradise. You might think that these days are long gone, but we hear your cries and we deliver. The train is back and with it brings back the glory of the goldne days. Join us starting 6 pm, for beautiful sunsets and even more breath taking nights with fresh cocktails, live grilled food, and great music. Allow us to help you relive a time that could only be described as art, a time where our train station was still gliding on its rails reminding us of a glorious time.”
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“Tusk bakery is just perfect for fresh bread and goods. it's close by and everything there smells as good as it tastes!”
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Téléphone01 747 721