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Porta Nuova

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August 2, 2018
Mountain wall door of Palermo
October 22, 2015
art history and culture
July 10, 2015
One of the gateway to the original fortified city. Built in the XVI century over an pre-existent older one.
May 28, 2015
It's the most monumental door of the city, erected next to the Royal Palace. Built in 1583 suffered the total destruction in 1667 and in 1669 was rebuilt completely.
August 16, 2013
Antique old city gate.

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“Porta Felice At the end of Cassaro sea side. The first stone was laid in 1582 by the viceroy Marcantonio Colonna, who wanted a door similar to that designed the opposite side of Cassaro. The door was baptized Porta Felice in honor of his wife, Felice Orsini.”
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“The Zisa palace (from the Arabic al-Azīz, or “the splendid”) was outside the walls of the ancient town of Palermo, inside the Genoardo (from the Arabic Jannat al-ar or “garden or paradise on the earth”) of which it is the most important and representative monument. With its building peculiarities and its crystalline forms, it refracts the lights of the ifriqena architecture and constitutes the best preserved model of the Arab-Norman architecture. William I began to build it in 1165 and his successor William II completed it. To enrich the palace is the Sala della Fontana located on the ground floor of the building, embellished with profane mosaics and muqarnas vaults. In addition to the fishing pond in front of the complex, there was also a coeval small and precious chapel.”
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Lieu historique
“Capo's Market is one of the historical Markets of the town, absolutely the most tipical one and the bigger one, here you should spend a morning, eating the best palermo's street food and seafood salads, visiting Barocco's churchies, drinking local fruit juice pressed with the ancient method”
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Bus Station
“La Porta Felice è una delle porte di Palermo, la porta è l'ingresso dal lato mare al Cassaro, uno degli assi principali della città di Palermo.Prende il nome da Donna Felice Orsini, moglie del viceré spagnolo Marcantonio Colonna, che, nel 1582, decise di dare un ingresso monumentale al Cassaro (l'attuale Corso Vittorio Emanuele), prolungato fino al mare nel 1581.”
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477 Via Vittorio Emanuele
Palermo, Sicily 90134
Téléphone091 707 8201