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Opera & Ballet Theater

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Conseils des habitants

January 15, 2019
You can enjoy Albanian musica nd art.
June 24, 2015
There are shows going on almost everyday, talented artists. An enjoyable experience.
April 23, 2014
Classic Operas and Concerts

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Restaurant italien
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“Here you will find lots of fashion and other types of stores to do your shopping”
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“Orthodox Autocephalous Church of Albania is an Eastern Orthodox church with an autonomous bishop. Orthodox Autocephalous Church of Albania is not just a place of worship but a support system for the community. The church is responsible for a number of charity programs, including 17 day-care centers, a few theological schools, three elementary schools, and an orphanage. They also run professional training schools that offer classes in management and information technology. They are known for their humanitarian work with refugees and people in need, and their dedication to peace. ”
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“Botanic Gardens where you can see different types of nice flowers and plants.”
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“ Sheshi Skënderbej is the best place to start witnessing Tirana's daily goings-on. Until it was pulled down by an angry mob in 1991, a 10m-high bronze statue of Enver Hoxha stood here, watching over a mainly car-free square. Now only the equestrian statue of Skanderbeg remains, and the 'square' – once Tirana's most popular meeting point in the decades where 99% of people were forced to get around on foot – is now a huge traffic roundabout. Early evening is a particularly nice time to come here. Buskers strum a few tunes and vendors sell popcorn and balloons as the locals stroll and chat.”
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Téléphone04 222 4753