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This article provides specific information about local laws that apply to people who host their homes in Turin. Just like our country article for Italy, it’s your responsibility to verify and comply with any obligations that apply to you as a Host. This article can serve as a starting point or place you can come back to if you have questions but it isn’t exhaustive and it doesn’t constitute legal or tax advice. It’s a good idea to check to make sure laws and procedures are current.

Some of the laws that might affect you are complicated. Contact the City of Turin or consult another local authority, such as an attorney or tax professional, if you have questions.

Italy’s national legislation contains rules that apply at the regional and municipal level, such as the Tourism Code and Legislative Decree no. 79 of May 23, 2011.

Regional regulations

Regional Law No. 13 of 03 August 2017 and Regional Regulation No. 4 of 08 June 2018 may apply to accommodations that qualify as bed and breakfasts, rooms for rent, holiday houses and apartments, and touristic leases as defined by the law.

You can check Turin's help center for a general description of productive activities and the Accommodations section for more information on the requirements.

You can also check Piedmont's site for the applicable regional regulations.

Tourist tax

With City Council Resolution of 27 February 2012, the City of Turin established the tourist tax and has approved the applicable regulation, as subsequently amended recently with Resolution of 23 December 2020. The tax that's applicable for non-hotel accommodation facilities is currently EUR 2.30 per person, per night, up to a maximum of 7 nights. As of May 1st 2018, Airbnb directly collects the tourist tax for each tourist booked on the platform.

For detailed information on the tourist tax, visit Turin’s site.

Other obligations

Turins requires Hosts to provide personal details about guests to the public security authority pursuant to Article 109 of the Royal Decree No. 773 of June 18th, 1931 and the subsequent decree of the Ministry for Internal Affairs dated 7 January 2013 (as amended on 16 September 2021).

You can find instructions and forms that can help you fulfill your obligations on Turin Police Headquarters’ website and the accommodation portal.

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